28 July 2012

This American Life

Los Angeles, United States
By Haleigh In Non classé

You can take a girl out of  California but you can’t take the California out of a girl? Oui, c’est cliché. I don’t exactly feel like some displaced American in France (and I do love cheese!) but I’m quite charmed by the comfort of an American life these days. I spent my teens lusting after Europe, and as a French resident for what has creeped up onto four years already, I must confess I wonder if I’ve just been after it’s looks all these years. Either way I am committed to couples therapy for Paris and I this Fall (no really I am actually working to get the spark back) but in the meantime I’m enjoying my American affair. Los Angeles is his name and he wakes me up every morning with a tequila sunrise and at night he’s bright as a firework. Throw me on the back of a motorcycle and take me out to the ballgame or drive off into the sunset. As long we’re together I could live like this forever…














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  2. Rachel 28 July 2012

    I can’t wait to be enjoying your beautiful Los Angeles for a year come September, though your blog may turn into one of the reasons I start missing the French half of my dual English/ French lifestyle while I’m there!

  3. Xixia 28 July 2012

    Ahh, gorgeous pictures! Yeaah, ‘murica! 😛
    I particularly like the last one, with the blueberries and raspberries separated like that. So great, and the colors are beautiful.
    ♥ xixia

  4. Alice @ Stringmag 28 July 2012

    there’s no place like home! I know the feeling, sometimes when you stay in the same place for too long, you need a pause. enjoy your american affair before you get back to your french marriage!


  5. My Style Canvas 29 July 2012

    Glad you are enjoying your old stomping grounds. The US of A ain’t old bad despite… well, what everyone else may thinks. Also those pics are so lively and amazing. I’m a New York girl but I’ve always wanted to go to L.A.

  6. thetraveingheart 29 July 2012

    I love to read your writing 😀 Say hi to the States for me! I haven’t been to L.A. a part from the airport, but one day. Enjoy the fun while it lasts. <3

  7. Narjess 29 July 2012

    Beautiful pictures !

  8. Jessica 29 July 2012

    I’ve never been to Paris, let alone Europe… Let alone anywhere outside of New Zealand. I can’t imagine the culture shock and how hard it must be to adjust. And even after all that time, you’re still not “home”.
    Gorgeous images 🙂

    The Lovelorn

  9. Julia 29 July 2012

    Vraiment chouette ce post les photos sont superbes !!!


  10. Meg 29 July 2012

    This is a great post girlie! Nothing like a hometown baseball game. Let’s go grab pulled pork sandwiches soon at Blue’s BBQ! Xo

  11. Mia 29 July 2012

    I noticed, here and on Twitter, that your “relationship” with Paris is changing lately..so is your tone and and your style….I must say I miss the “old” Making Magique and Bardot in Blue, the colorful and girly clothes, the enthusiasm for french culture, the pretty pictures..this is what made me like your blog. But people change it’s ok !

    • Haleigh 29 July 2012

      I hope you at least still find my pictures pretty!

      • Mia 30 July 2012

        yes obviously, I wouldn’t bother if I didn’t like anything 🙂 ! You’re a great photographer really. I hope that you’ll get that spark back, maybe the big amount of work while creating Shop Rebelle didn’t help either.

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  13. Hayley 30 July 2012

    Great photos and nice music!

  14. Sarah O'Brien 30 July 2012

    loving your fierce sunnies, isn’t it a great feeling to be a California Girl?!

  15. Stannah 31 July 2012

    Humm american life, i like it! Nice picts

  16. casper&pearl 1 August 2012

    gorgeous photos!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  17. Agnes Deer 1 August 2012

    Glad you’re back in the States. Actually I love both countries, I’m a Spanish girl who lived in the States. I’m in love with Paris too but it’s more of an affair really 🙂 Have a great time!

  18. Livia 4 August 2012

    Hey Haleigh, I quite surprised of this article ! I’ld like to know what you exactly find “without comfort” in Paris ? I’m about to live there so I want to know! Also, to what extent can you say Paris has lost for you its magical aspect ? Why ? The population ? For sure I can understand that, it happends to a lot of asian people, who were fascinated by the city but once here almost became depressed (weather, unfriendly ppl, criminality…).
    J’arrête en anglais.
    Sinon à part ça je suis certaine que tu aurais adoré visiter le sud de la France, là pour le coup ça serait resté magique pour toi ! (Cannes, Nice, Corse, Porquerolles, Saint Tropez…) 😉
    De mon côté c’est vrai qu’à comparer j’aurais tendance à trouver les Etats Unis, et spécifiquement la côte ouest, légèrement sans charme. Ces villes énormes en damier, où les maisons se ressemblent, où c’est la course à celui qui aura la plus belle piscine ou la plus belle voiture, les boîtes de nuit qui se ressemblent toutes, bref. Il doit y avoir un intérêt, je ne peut pas le nier, mais peut-être pas le charme du patrimoine qu’on peut avoir sur le vieux continent. Je précise que je ne suis jamais allée aux US et que je peux me tromper, et que ce que je dis est surement hautement présomptueux ^^. C’est pour avoir un dialogue !

    Bonne continuation jolie demoiselle !

  19. Bobby et Luisa 7 August 2012

    CoOOool pics !!!! love the blue cupcake 🙂

  20. Melissa 28 August 2012

    So happy to have found your blog – the photos are beautiful. As another CA girl who has found myself in Paris, I can relate to the siren call of home. One that, I at least, am no longer able to resist – I’ll be returning to San Diego come November. Hindsight is 20/20

  21. Melissa 28 August 2012

    … (sorry, quick trigger finger) … and lately I’ve been second guessing my decision to leave Paris behind a bit. Thank you for the sunset, cupcake and baseball reminders of what is waiting for me when I finally make it home! And, all my best for you, to find the ‘home’ which brings you the most comfort and happiness going forward!


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