26 August 2013

Summer Scrapbook

Los Angeles, United States
By Haleigh In Non classé

Doesn’t it always seem summer goes too quickly? Well, not this year. I got an early start in Palm Springs and it’s been a slow burn ever since, so long I forgot summer could even end at all. It’s easy to feel that way finishing it out in California, but Californians know although it might be subtle, even the seasons change here too. While we may be ready to bid it farewell until next year, come mid winter it’s inevitable we’ll be looking back on our summer snapshots longing for the sun to kiss our skin again. Here is my So Cal summer scrapbook; too many pool days to count, for once, and friends so pretty they should be in the movies…

mint green vintage car

El Royale, Los Angeles

on the roof in Hollywood

Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow

firecrackers on the roof
Lucy Mae Sunday

pool companions



lemonade vintage truck

Ron and I in the flower fields 2

Marilyn Monroe star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Beverly Hills Hotel


pink vintage car

Lucy Mae Sunday

the super moon

Eliza at the pool


on the roof in Hollywood

in the flower fields 2


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  2. Glory 26 August 2013

    So happy when I see a new post 🙂
    And lovely pictures to make lovely memories

  3. Sarah 26 August 2013

    you look great!

  4. LIFE seems to go by too quickly! I think I’m ready for fall though even though I say that every year…
    I’m from SoCal as well and these photos beautifully represent a Californian summer! Love it.

    Happy travels 🙂

  5. Synne 26 August 2013

    This looks perfect! I’ve also had a superb summer, although the pool factor hasn’t been quite as high up here in Norway, haha! Swimming in little forest lakes and the salty sea is more like it, and just as rewarding on hot, bright days. I’m going to miss summer, as I always do, but I love having lots of sunny memories to keep me warm through the winter!

  6. Melissa Cuentas 26 August 2013

    What a lovely pictures and summer you’ve had.
    I’m still waiting for my holidays to come, so I can stay in the pool to cool down, and have an important meeting with the sun, aka try to get full tanned. Weather here has been terrible, so hot, even if we are used to this kind of weather, it has hit us so hard this time, esp. me who never complained about it, and now I try to wear comfortable clothes and a big bun on my hair.

    And, I don’t know but one day I would love to spend Summer in California, too. I think it’s the perfect place to spend that time of the year. (don’t ask me why, haha) XOXO

    PS: Love the sunnies ❤

  7. Kate 26 August 2013

    What a fantastic Summer you had! This looks like an awesome lookbook for a fashion brand! So cool and fun!

    xx Kate

    Fags and Hags Blog

  8. Kylie 26 August 2013

    Your summer looks awesome! :)) I really love your flower sunglasses, did you DIY them? 😀

  9. Ylenia 27 August 2013

    I just adore your photos!

  10. Marla 27 August 2013

    Absolutely stunning photo diary. This tells a story very well, I envy your talent.

  11. Mary in Oregon 27 August 2013

    How much fun to see the Ford Fairlane 500 in that first photo! We had a family car like that that we bought new! It was so much fun! Too bad I wasn’t old enough to drive it then…
    Love Palm Springs! I went to Junior College there: College of the Desert!
    Fun place to winter — summer, not so much!!!

  12. Asia R 27 August 2013

    these are so beautiful. I’m a sucker for old cars 🙂

  13. Constance 28 August 2013

    Tu as un coup d’oeil magnifique!!

  14. Jessica M 28 August 2013

    It’s so inspiring how love just pours out of each of these shots. I’m honestly not been that hot about LA, but when I look at it through your eyes the city that I thought I knew is completely transformed into something magical and romantic. To many more summers of romance!

  15. Ruth 1 September 2013

    I’m in love with the song you’ve attached to this blog post!!

  16. Shell B Cheri 3 September 2013

    I too am a (southern) California girl and I live in DC now. I thought I would miss the winter when I moved east, but it’s the summers I long for. You captured the essence of a California summer beautifully. These are just stunning.

  17. The Dainty Dolls House 4 September 2013

    Simply gorgeous…a very sublime summer :)) Kizzy xx


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