9 October 2012

San Fele

San Fele, Italy
By Haleigh In Non classé

My last post from Basilicata…San Fele is a quiet and simple place, the kind of place where strangers invite you into their farms and fields, mayors stop by to greet you, and 101 year old gentlemen send you on your way with a kiss on the cheek. Just a few minutes away from the small town and down a tree lined and traveler trotted path are some magic waterfalls.  A perfect place for a girl like me to sit for lunch and have a sandwich and wade a bit in the water. Thanks to Can’t Forget It{aly} for another beautiful trip, and L’hotel in Pietra for hosting me in Matera in what was genuinely one of the most loveliest places I have ever stayed. I think I’ll have to see my travels off till the end of the year with this entry, but don’t be surprised if something calls me away again…we know it always does.

abandoned playground in Basilicata, Italy4

San Fele in Basilicata, Italy

San Fele waterfalls in Basilicata, Italy2

farm rabbits in Basilicata, Italy1

San Fele waterfalls in Basilicata, Italy3

San Fele trail in Basilicata, Italy1

picnic lunch in Basilicata, Italy

abandoned playground in Basilicata, Italy1

San Fele trail in Basilicata, Italy3

San Fele waterfalls in Basilicata, Italy1

sheep herder in Basilicata, Italy1

San Fele trail in Basilicata, Italy2

farm rabbits in Basilicata, Italy2

proud cow farmer in Basilicata, Italy2

San Fele waterfalls in Baslicata, Italy 2

abandoned carnival in Baslicata, Italy

countryside view over Basilicata, Italy 2

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  2. Melissa Cuentas 9 October 2012

    Beautiful pictures! Seems to be a really great and peaceful place.
    Love it! <3

    Kisses. 🙂

  3. Jess 9 October 2012

    I absolutely love your blog — your photographs are magical!

  4. San 9 October 2012

    What beautiful photos! kisses

  5. OMG Haleigh…you are sooo specially gifted! I’m soooo glad to have spent these past 4 days going around Matera & surroundings with you, all because your very special way of seeing/imagining/dreaming/facing things.
    Thank you for your words about our hotel…coming from you, for me, it is a real -and special- compliment!

    xoxo, already missing our car rides listening to music and dreaming!


  6. Erica 10 October 2012

    Haleigh, thank you for loving Italy so much. If you will ever plan to come in Friuli, I’ll be your chaperone! <3

  7. Jessica 10 October 2012

    Prettiest entry to any blog post ever!

  8. Anacristina 10 October 2012

    take me there! accounting isn’t quite as nice 😉

    x’s & o’s

  9. JM Mericle 10 October 2012

    These images are so dreamy and magical — stunning post!

  10. Tara Whimsy 10 October 2012

    I love seeing all of your pictures. I followed your site for a whils and got all sorts of lovely ideas on where to go in Paris – if I ever got to go there.- Well, I got to go to Paris this summer for the first time. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Laetitia 10 October 2012

    Haleigh ! Franchement, tes photos sont de plus en plus belles ! C’est fou ! Ton talent n’a donc pas de fin ! ^^

    Bisous et à très vite j’espère

  12. Splendid Market 10 October 2012


  13. Zsú 11 October 2012

    love these pictures! 🙂

  14. Agnes Deer 11 October 2012

    Italy is such a magical and beautiful place! I’m loving seeing your pictures of the trip! 🙂

  15. Le Fresne 13 October 2012

    Looks idyllic <3

    le fresne x

  16. […] journey to the magical land of Basilicata, Italy. Thanks to Haleigh at Making Magique and her numerous posts about this wonderful place, all I can do when it is rainy and grey here in Paris is dream of […]

  17. Little Pieces of Light 7 December 2012

    What a beautiful place. I’ve never heard of it before though I’ve been to Italy several times, but I will make sure to check it out!




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