15 March 2010

Saint Tropez

By Haleigh In Non classé

When the sun finally came out in the South of France, I decided to soak it up in Saint Tropez. The tiny but very famous village is still quiet at this time of year but I preferred it that way as it felt a little bit like my own private beach in some secret spots we found.

We rounded this otherwise seemingly dead end corner of the village to find…

…this tiny little photogenic bay.

We took some pictures…

Watched the waves….

and collected sea glass.

~ My mermaid pose ~

No, these are not hamburgers. They are my new obsession…

…the Tropézienne!!! They are fluffy, creamy, and sweet with a hint of orange flavor. They come in jumbo size, regular size, and….

…the least dangerous mini size.

When it comes to boats in Saint Tropez, just like the Tropézienne, there are small ones…

and not-so-small ones.

I am hoping to be back here on this beach in the summer doing some “bronzage.”

I thought this little cherry red boat fittingly called “Cerise” was so cute parked in front of the epicerie.

Sunset reflecting on the shutters of a building on a small canal.

Another place I would like to sunbathe this summer is this decaying dock.

I managed to find a bit of Bardot lingering in this restaurant painting.

More small boats…

and big boats.

I am so glad the sun finally came out for my visit to Bardot’s old stomping grounds. I hope to be back this summer when it’s warmer. Happy commenting and I hope you enjoy your petit voyage to Saint Tropez with me! Special thanks to French-Kissed as usual for lending her photography skills towards the Bardot blogging cause.


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  2. Hello! I just stumbled on your blog, and love it!!

    I am absolutely loving this beautiful pictures!!


  3. the zhush 15 March 2010

    Gorgeous! And I love your french sailor top…tres chic!

  4. Melissa 15 March 2010

    What a lovely escape on a Monday afternoon…thank you for transporting me to one of my favorite destinations! My husband and I visited St. Tropez a few years ago in October. All the Summer sizzle had disappeared, but the gorgeous essence of this sea-side town remained. We stayed at the Hotel Pastis, and we strolled the empty streets for hours. I look forward to returning again soon.

  5. Becky 15 March 2010

    I’ve loved seeing your posts from the South of France, it’s probably my favourite part of Europe and I loved visiting Saint Tropez a couple of years ago, I’ll definitely back sometime!

  6. Blair 16 March 2010

    I am loving this blue world your style! i’m just a bit jealous!

    was just blog hopping and landed in your fun world over here. so glad i did!!

    I’m hosting a giveaway for handmade pearl earrings. I’d love for you and your readers to enter. http://tinyurl.com/bonnybee

    have a great night.

    xoxo, blair

  7. Rhitbee 16 March 2010

    My gosh, girl! I am so glad you came by my blog and left a link to yours. Your pictures are fantastic and I am digging your style. I am so jealous of your location right now and equally jealous of your proximity to those Tropeziennes. Also, I just picked up a similar pair of sunglasses the other day – love em!


  8. Lee 16 March 2010

    A very special thanks to you… for the most delicious photography and sentiment on this vacation journey with you both…were it not for you both I would never have gotten this taste of France…A very large thank you from TEXAS!!!!

  9. Marsi 16 March 2010

    How divine! I love your mariniere (sp?); it looks great “on location.”

  10. Cindy A. 16 March 2010

    Absolutely breathtaking! If I am ever lucky enough to take a trip like this… I will have to be dragged back home kicking and screaming. 😉

  11. Christina @ My Sparrow 16 March 2010

    Just beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time!


  12. Mely 16 March 2010

    Oh my gosh, that last picture of you is so fabulous! I’m setting it as my desktop picture now so I’ll feel warm and French all spring break long.

  13. janettaylor 16 March 2010

    Ooooohoooohooo Helaigh,

    U look so definitely French girl. Love that scarf in Ur hair. Just amazing pics…

  14. Ola 16 March 2010

    Beautiful pictures and a perfect place to stay at!

  15. Nereida 16 March 2010

    Love your mermaid pose!! I had just discovered your blog and it’s so cute!! Kisses from Spain.

  16. Geena 16 March 2010

    All gorgeous travels. your posts always make me hungry and want to spend money haha

  17. Fifi Flowers 16 March 2010

    Looks like a FAB adventure with your mother!!!

  18. Tara 16 March 2010

    Your life is undeniably fabulous! Beautiful photos as always, and I love your head scarf! Tres chic;)

  19. katrina 16 March 2010

    you are gorgeous, as are these photos! i regret missing your giveaway. 🙁

  20. Linda J 16 March 2010

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  21. silje 16 March 2010

    Beautiful pictures, and I am in love with your look. You look like a movie star from the 60s, the whole look is gorgeous! Thank you so much for adding me to the sidebar, I am so grateful! I added your blog to my blogroll and was also wondering about something else, so I will send you an email shortly. Have a great day!

  22. Carla Reeves 16 March 2010

    Hello Bardot!
    Love your post! Love it all…the small boats and large, the Tropezienne large and small, the little red boat, “Cerise”, and especially the Mermaid! Thanks for letting us travel with you.

  23. laura trevey 17 March 2010

    This post is stunning!!! I would love to paint one of these gorgeous landscapes!
    Thanks for the inspiration …

    xoxo Laura

  24. Gail Friend 17 March 2010

    Hi 🙂 I adore reading your blogs and all of the very beautiful photographs. You are young and beautiful and on an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy every single minute!
    Have a pretty day, gail

  25. Robyn OHSH 17 March 2010

    I’ve been thinking of France a great deal lately. I haven’t been in a few years and think I must need a big dose of Paris. I stumbled upon your blog and it even further added to my itch to visit. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photography, I think it can help me until I make it again. 🙂

  26. Chloé 17 March 2010

    Les photos sont superbes ! Ca me donne envie d’aller à St Trop’. On dirait Brigitte Bardot sur tes photos, tu es magnifique <3


  27. Dawn 17 March 2010

    Hi Haleigh,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and enjoying pugs as much as I do 🙂 Your photos are just dreamy and quite beautiful! I love your blog! Looking forward to staying in touch!


  28. The Vintage Kitten 17 March 2010

    Breathtaking scenery and your photographs are stunning! X

  29. Celine 17 March 2010

    The link looks great 🙂

    I love your blog too, and I’m following 🙂

  30. splendid market 17 March 2010

    I love all of these shots of St. Tropez — the beaches, the bays, the foods, the splendid hotel! Just such a wonderful way to start the day! Have a wonderful time with your mother!

  31. The Fashion Connection 17 March 2010

    Fantastic pictures! You’re just absolutely beautiful and blessed with amazing hair 🙂

  32. Fashion CHALET 17 March 2010

    Delicious pastries and so is that sweater. You look lovely! =)


  33. Trish 17 March 2010

    Wow…French Kissed talent behind your camera? A mother’s loving eye! I’m still waffling on upgraded camera models…yours is just fabulous. And thank you for the lovely sidebar logo…it, like the rest of your blog, looks great! Merci. Trish

  34. hannah elizabeth 17 March 2010

    this is so beautiful it almost makes me angry! I’m so jealous!

  35. PinkBow 17 March 2010

    simply stunning!

  36. Kerri 18 March 2010

    Wow these photos are gorgeous. St. Tropez is definitely on my list of places to see.

  37. You caught perfectly the atmosphere of St Tropez. I love to go there during the spring…
    St Tropez is the perfect place for a Bardot in Blue

  38. alice/SELECTIVE MEMORY 23 March 2010

    GORGEOUS photos! I have a little bundle of sea glass I collected in Santa Margherita. I’m still searching for the perfect bowl to display them in.

    Love your blog! And I’m glad you found ours 🙂

  39. Carolyn Green 23 March 2010

    Hello Bardot in Blue,

    Lovely to see all your wonderful photos, of your trip to the South of France.
    Saw some on your Mum’s blog and it looks like you both had a fabulous time.


  40. Sina Pont 16 December 2010

    Heya! Appreciation for the great writing style. Keep it up! 🙂


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