24 April 2013

Rainbow in the Desert

Palm Springs, United States
By Haleigh In Non classé

Sometimes in Southern California you’ll still pass those vintage billboards painted with smiling faces reading “Palm Springs, the one tank vacation!” But girls like us need no such convincing to pack a Prius to the sun roof with crop tops, bikinis, and shades. Like a mirage our final destination appeared in no time, the rainbow in the desert – The Saguaro. We made ourselves right at home in this desert oasis from the bucket lists and wanderlust boards of so many dreamy adventurers like us. Post check-in it was straight to the pool where we stretched in the sun on plush pink towels. There was little reason to leave with scrabble, good reads, and slight waves of a hand enough to keep our thirsts quenched and tummies satisfied.  Eventually our curiosity got the best of us when the rumors of vintage shopping led us to explore downtown where we indulged even more on iced coffees, flan, cookies, and margaritas. In the end the sunset brought us back home to our balcony because while sun worshippers by day, we had celebrating to do that night. With a table of tapas at The Tinto Rachel’s LA entourage and I toasted to a quarter century of her, my oldest friend. We topped off chocolate mousse with a candle because birthdays do not go unnoticed at The Saguaro. It was one of those weekends that makes you want to sing like a girl scout ♫ make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold ♫. After all, what better way to catch up with old friends and make new ones than to travel together. Eventually work would call us back west to the coastline with our new tan lines and these photos as our souvenirs. But we’ll be back here soon, or should we say how could we stay away.

The Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs 1

breakfast menu at the Tinto in Palm Springs

bloody mary at the Tinto in Palm Springs

Neelo's mint green Lomography Diana

scrabble by the pool at The Saguaro 3

writing dreams in Scrabble

The Saguaro hotel in Palm Springs

Haleigh and Kelly entertaining themselves by the pool

lunch by the pool at The Saguaro

The Saguaro in Palm Springs

poolside reading

lounging on the balcony at The Saguaro

desert landscape of Palm Springs

vintage road sign in Palm Springs

downtown Palm Springs

Rachel at a rest stop for a shopping break

Neelo, a flower child _1

Palm Springs High class of 2013

Tali, the tree gnome

california flag, represent my home state

maragarita cheers for Rachel's birthday

mexican flan for Rachel's birthday

Haleigh being a cookie monster

downtown Palm Springs

bacci ball and No Collection heels

The Saguaro in Palm Springs

Rachel through the peep hole at the door

dancing in a UNIF jacket in our hotel room

Neelo jumping on the bed

all the girls in the room at The Saguaro

evening at The Saguaro in Palm Springs

Marais USA sandals

palms at The Saguaro by night


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  2. Vanessa 24 April 2013

    Amazing photos, Haleigh! Your eye for photography never ceases to blow me away. You’ve not only convinced me to visit The Saguro some time soon, but that we’d be best friends. I’m sure of it. 🙂 Hugs from sunny Miami! (Which, by the way, I think you should consider adding to your travel list and visit ASAP.) xx

  3. Jess 24 April 2013

    I’m adding this to my bucket list. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Haleigh!

  4. Melissa Cuentas 24 April 2013

    True to be told is, that California has been on my bucket list since I was like 5-6 years old (in short 12-13 years ago… I know long time ago) and I’ve dreamed about going there whether is alone or with my family some day. In fact, I just added this top my top 4 places to live in during the rest of my life. I’m just a little curious about this place and I really would like to know it better and is it me, or is it California so colorful? XO

    Beautiful photos.

  5. SPayne 24 April 2013

    Love these pics! Looks like such an amazing time!

  6. Constance 24 April 2013

    Arf! Ton blog est vraiment mon préféré de tous! Tes photos, ton univers, toi! Tout y est parfait à mes yeux.
    Mais je ne comprends toujours pas ta fascination pour Paris ou les gens sont gris et dépressifs comparé à la Californie!!! J’ai tellement hâte d’y retourner!
    Des Bisous ♡♡♡

  7. Elissa 24 April 2013

    Fun Fun Fun. Looks like you chickadees had such a great time.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to call California home in a few more years!

  8. Julien 24 April 2013

    Circle round, that has no end- that’s how long I want to be your friend!

  9. Tsui Chung 24 April 2013

    Omg your photos look amazing! Makes me wish I was there!

  10. erika 24 April 2013

    what a dream girls travel… so beautiful!

  11. Amber 25 April 2013

    I agree with Vanessa: I too think you and I could be friends too. LOL. But it looks like you girls had an absolute blast together! Hurray for California and it’s glorious sunshine!

  12. Rania Zeidan 25 April 2013

    Amazing pictures & beautiful place…definitely on my travel wish list now. Great retro feel. Love your blog!

  13. Joy 25 April 2013

    these are so perfect along with music.

  14. Britta 25 April 2013

    Great pics.

  15. Laura 26 April 2013

    I’m lucky enough to live in Palm Springs year round, and just want to say, Haleigh, THANK YOU for capturing the real feeling of the place so beautifully! Glad you and your bffs had such a wonderful time, and hope you’ll return soon!

  16. What a gorgeous holiday. I want to go to there!

  17. KizzyDoll 27 April 2013

    Such a wonderful time…gorgeous xx

  18. Stacey 4 May 2013

    Such beautiful photos. Looks like you had a blast!

  19. Laurelas 11 May 2013

    Aww, California – your pics are delightful, so summery and gleeful <3

  20. poppie sanders 17 May 2013

    nice pixs. america suits you more than paris

  21. Mafalda 31 May 2013

    Wow, amazing pics!

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