2 October 2011


By Haleigh In Non classé


Bongiorno! The adventure category of this blog here has been quite full over the past months, but now is no time to stop. I have just had the most incredible week in the Basilicata region of Italy. One of the many places we visited was Tursi, in particular the Arab quarter of Rabatana which is its oldest part. A top a hill this old town is so quiet. Its inhabitants, many of whom can be classified at pygmys, live very simple lives here. I saw the old man in the photo above come out to his chair there in the morning and didn’t leave the whole time we were there. I’m not sure but I imagine he spends mosts of his days this exact same way. When we photographed and filmed him he sat so calmly, still like a statue but with so much softness and ease in his expression. We got lost in the romantic decay of this village, and then found by town dwellers eager to show us crumbling corners we had yet to discover and even invite us in to their homes and feed us. It was an incredible and authentic experience. Some of us roamed its streets at night as well, it almost seeming too surreal to, well, be real.

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You can see more of the group’s photos in the galleries we are installing on Can’t Forget Italy. Many more photos and memories from Basilicata to come. In the meantime if you are hungry for more of this adventure there are some tidbits on my tumblr, facebook, and twitter from the past week so be sure to follow there. For now…baci!


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  2. Wonderful! These photos remind me of my years in Italy:) Love it.

  3. eleni 2 October 2011

    wow, amazing pictures! seems such a beautiful place! xx

  4. Laeti Clic Clac Hop 2 October 2011

    J’attendais avec impatience tes photos ! Je sens que je vais encore m’en mettre plein les yeux lors des prochains articles !!
    Bisous Haleigh !! 😉

  5. Joy 2 October 2011

    I bet the weather in Italy is amazing compared to what we’re having in MA.

  6. urshiusz 2 October 2011

    next time u’re in the Basilicata region, you should visit the Potenza city (well, kind of city) and the Sasso di Castalda village 🙂 the views are just breathertaking 😀

    • Haleigh 3 October 2011

      I already hope there is a next time! We visited many other villages and I will share them with you here in the next week! XO

  7. Susie 2 October 2011

    You’re in Tursi! No way–that’s where my grandmother was from. I’ve always wanted to go there and your pictures make it even more so. Looks like you’re having a lovely time, Hayleigh!

    • Haleigh 3 October 2011

      Really?! Wow you must go and see this incredible region she comes from. It’s amazing.

  8. French Kissed 3 October 2011

    seriously…ready to pack my suitcase!

  9. D'dee 3 October 2011

    Loved the pictures of Tursi and the little furry friends that gave permission to be photographed. Know you had a fantastic visit to a beautiful country.

  10. Karin 3 October 2011

    what wonderful characteristic pictures!

  11. Deborah sacchi 3 October 2011

    Italy is so beautiful and your photos captured the “feeling” of Italy! Bravo!

  12. Styleabaad 3 October 2011

    This reminds me of how much I love Italy, your photos are so beautiful! It must have been a great stay, looking forward to seeing more from your trip!


  13. Jeffrey 3 October 2011

    wow looks like great adventure for one to do…..

  14. vicki archer 3 October 2011

    Great shots Haleigh….sounds like you are having a fabulous time….xv

  15. noreen 3 October 2011

    Such beautiful, emotive pictures. It’s amazing how your eye is drawn to the fine details when you are in a foreign country. The shot of the grapes/leaves is just too beautiful. I can smell the sweet musty grapes and feel the sun’s warmth on the leaves. Keep on taking such beautiful pictures. Take care.

    • Haleigh 3 October 2011

      There are so many beautiful details to photograph Noreen! Some of these places were so strange and beautiful, I tried to capture both these feelings 🙂

  16. mikaela 3 October 2011

    soo great having you on the project, looking forward to working on the Digital Diary n. 2 together 🙂

  17. Petit-Maître 3 October 2011

    Italy is lovely (…and you illustrate it excellent). I’ve been there many times and never enough of this beautiful country.

  18. EMILIE 3 October 2011

    I was SO looking forward to these photos!
    I’m sure you did an amazing job in Italy!

  19. Aggie 4 October 2011

    These are so beautiful!


  20. Splendid Market 5 October 2011

    what a fabulous adventure. The images are so amazing, I can almost smell Italy. enjoy!

  21. Raquel 5 October 2011

    Once again, such breathtaking photos! Italy is just so romantic…

  22. ewa 16 July 2012

    cudne miejsce, piękne
    jestem zauroczona

  23. Mayflower 8 September 2012

    Your photos are amazing! ♥


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