9 July 2014

Postcards from Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
By Haleigh In Non classé

I wish I could write you a love letter for Barcelona, but the truth it’s a city I’ve just never fallen for. I think of the places I’ve visited in my life as old romantic flames; some I’ll never get over, others still give me butterflies thinking of them even though I don’t feel the need to return, sometimes you meet your true love (in my case Paris), and others you keep going back to thinking they’ll give you something more but they just don’t have it. It’s not that I don’t like Barcelona, it’s just that I know I could never love him. He does try though…with his rooftop pools, charming passageways, popsicles at the market and cheap mojitos on the beach. He even had a few surprises for me this time, like a romantic evening atop Tibidabo looking over the city and a picnic from Cornelia. But in the end, we’re just not right for one another. We made some nice memories though, so we can still be friends right?

postcards from Barcelona, sunning atop the roof

postcards from Barcelona, Audrey lemon slice clutch

postcards from Barcelona, Audrey on the roof of the hotel

postcards from Barcelona, beautiful architecture

postcards from Barcelona

postcards from Barcelona, beautiful old streets

postcards from Barcelona

postcards from Barcelona, beauty architecture

postcards from Barcelona, sunbathing at the beach

postcards from Barcelona, mojitos on the beach

postcards from Barcelona, exploring Park Guell aka Gaudi Gardens

postcards from Barcelona, benches at the Park Guell

postcards from Barcelona, enjoying Park Guell

postcards from Barcelona, Cornelia picnic store

postcards from Barcelona, desserts at Cornelia picnic store

postcards from Barcelona, picnic from Cornelia

postcards from Barcelona, the view from Tibidabo

postcards from Barcelona, carousel at Tibidabo

Tibidabo swings, Barcelona

Tibidabo, Barcelona

Tibidabo swings, Barcelona

postcards from Barcelona, popsicles at La Boqueria

postcards from Barcelona, sun atop Tibidabo

postcards from Barcelona, ferris wheel and view atop Tibidabo


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  2. Hannah 9 July 2014

    Beautiful post! And I feel exactly the same about Barcelona – it’s a wonderful place but it will never be a love affair with me and him! X

  3. You can totally tell you’re feeling so refreshed already! Glad you’re enjoying your time. Is it normal to fall out of a love affair? I used to love, love, love NYC until I lived in Scotland and would frequent London way too often for it to be healthy. I was back in NYC 2 weeks ago and I just couldn’t figure out what I loved most about it? So anyways, I truly understand what you’re going through. Can’t wait to see what the next several weeks bring you! x

  4. Mia 9 July 2014

    I’m looking forward to your Paris posts, I’ve missed them ! Bring back summer 2013, it was so warm..I’m sick of this weather 🙁 I’ve never been to Barcelona and I really wonder if it would live up to the hype…one day maybe…I guess I’m reluctant because I’ve been to Spain twice and didn’t fall in love with it, but your lovely pictures make me think that maybe I’ll give Barcelona a chance ?

  5. maria 9 July 2014

    and still, through your magical lenses he looks like a most perfect don juan anyone could so easily fall for
    xo maria

  6. ediot 9 July 2014

    really amazing photos here.

    thanks for sharing
    love your blog

  7. Faye 9 July 2014

    Beautiful post Haleigh so true that we simply can’t love every place we go although I must say that I adored Barcelona when I went – that last photo of you is simply stunning with the light dancing on your face. You must be so excited for your upcoming adventures I can’t wait to follow along on your travels lovely Haleigh x

  8. Sophia Charles 10 July 2014

    Barcelona looks fantastic! You always have beautiful pictures!


  9. KizzyDoll 10 July 2014

    Looks like your having a wonderful time. I have heard this from some friends that have gone to Barcelona as well. And others that just love it, I’ve never been to Barcelona, I hope to one day, wo knows what I’ll think of it. I do know that I adore Paris. But, I hope you keep enjoying your travels. These are gorgeous pictures 🙂 xx

  10. Laura 10 July 2014

    I felt the same way about Barcelona! So many of my friends raved about how much they loved it, but it just never quite clicked with me, despite being a lovely place.

  11. India Alexandra 11 July 2014

    Utterly beaaaaaautiful photos, I feel as though I was just there beside you in the sunshine as well!

    Love the blue stripes and yellow combo together; summer in a perfectly composed nutshell!

    Do you use lightroom to edit (may I ask) ?

    India x

  12. Amber via Amused 11 July 2014

    The way you feel about Barcelona is the way I feel about all of Spain. Which, I probably shouldn’t say too loud, as the closest I’ve ever been to the country is Toulon, France (so, not very close LOL). I keep trying to get excited enough to visit but it never happens. Although it certainly does look lovely through your lens. Love the shot of you on the beach towel!

  13. Jessica 13 July 2014

    Lovely pictures! I especially like the rainbow colored ferris wheel.


  14. Katherine Lou 30 September 2014

    Ahh I’ve never been to Barcelona but I plan to next year. My boyfriend really wants to go and I wonder how I will feel about it. Paris is definitely a place I know I will fall in love with! Beautiful photos though!

    • Oriol 30 August 2017

      Hello Katherine Lou, did you finally loved Paris as you said you would?

  15. Arshiya 23 October 2014

    Gorgeous shots! I am planning to attend Barcelona next year. I can’t wait. Thanks for giving me a glimpse.

  16. Camone 30 December 2014

    Magical place, delicious food,beautiful girl!

  17. Ornella & Fleur 7 January 2015

    We really liked this post ! Kiss From Paris



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