25 September 2011


By Haleigh In Non classé


Lately life is flying by in a series of takeoffs and landings. After feeling stagnant for several years not moving much at all, the last couple months have literally lifted me up. There’s something to be said about what travel does for the human spirit. New places bring us new experiences of course, but this space between here and there might be the most reflexive of all. Most our life is constructed around borders wether we realize it or not, tethering ourselves to home, city, country. etc. Then all of a sudden we’re thousands of feet in the sky and the world seems so small. Looking down, feet off the ground, maybe we’re reminded that our souls are transient, belonging to nowhere and everywhere at the same time, like anything is possible for us wherever we may choose. I’ve spent a lot of time looking out my window seat lately and realized I’ve snapped so many pictures in route….

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Pictures from last week in New York City, the coast of Bretagne in France, the Adriatic Sea near Croatia, Long Island New York, and California. Believe it or not I am about to get on another plane this afternoon…this time to Italy! I’ll be spending a week in the Basilicata region on the Can’t Forget Italy project producing a two minute film. You can follow the adventure as it happens here and here as well as on my facebook, twitter, and tumblr. Of course soon I will have the film and new photos from this adventure. Until then bisous from high in the sky!


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  2. Absolutely mrs k 25 September 2011

    so many fabulous sunrise and sunsets! and you were front row! fabulous on a sunday morning

  3. Renée 25 September 2011

    Ooh your photos are always so dreamy and I love it! xo

  4. My Style Canvas 25 September 2011

    What a jet setter you are, haha. Hope you have an amazing time in Italy! Those pics are breathtaking.

  5. MONEASYWARDROBE.COM 25 September 2011


  6. Styleabaad 25 September 2011

    I live for traveling and I don’t know how many flights I take every year, I never really enjoy the flight itself though, but your photos are reminding me that maybe I should! They’re just stunning!


  7. Johan 25 September 2011

    I’m really looking forward to see the film from your adventure 🙂

  8. The Dainty Doll's House 25 September 2011

    Very beautiful, I always enjoy taking pictures from my seat on the plane. With the clouds, you almost feel like you coulk dance among them, although I don’t recommend it, hehe!! Safe travels on your next journey & a wonderful week! Kizzy xoxox

  9. Supal@chevrons & éclairs 25 September 2011

    oooh cool photos!

  10. Such dreaming pictures!
    Now, I want to travel ^^

  11. Isabelle 26 September 2011

    wow…the pictures are incredible! xo

  12. Anaivilo 26 September 2011

    I know…flying makes the world so small.. I really love seeing the world above. Have fun in Italy! Can’t wait for more news 😀

  13. Lena 26 September 2011

    What gorgeous photos-nothing thrills me like flying back into SFO after some time away from home-it reminds me of just how lucky I am. Have a wonderful time in Italy!

  14. Susi 26 September 2011

    Lovely Blog. I love your videos and photographs! (:

  15. Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys 29 September 2011

    I love this post Haleigh. I’ve spent the last few years in particular moving constantly, not feeling tethered to anywhere, and this really spoke to me on that…

  16. Raquel 5 October 2011

    SUCH a beautiful post, your words are so true. I can’t wait until I am high up in the sky, traveling across oceans.


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