10 March 2010


By Haleigh In Non classé

Where the alps meet the sea and Italy meets France, carved into the rock lies the pristine principauté of Monaco. In the warm months Monaco is the playground of the rich, but as the month of March limbos between colder and warmer days, my visit to Monaco was quiet.

The Jardin Exotique in the upper west corner of Monaco, is a multilevel sanctuary of succulents and other greenery with a 360 degree view of the teenie tiny country.

Even under the grey sky though the colors of all the exotic plants popped against the backdrop of Monaco’s luxury high-rises.

French-Kissed wearing some vintage Fendi glasses enjoying the view over the port from this picturesque terrace. I came to the South of France to get away from the grey of Paris but it seems to have followed me here as I am yet to see a day of sun. Unfortunately that means my pictures have been much more grey than I was looking forward to. Meanwhile back in Paris its been sunny everyday. How do you say, just my luck?

A view down the winding walkways of the jardin. One wrong step and you felt like you would be tumbling into luxury yachts in the harbor.

Had to throw in a pic of me just to prove I really am here.

In the center of Monte Carlo is the old Casino.

Inside the casino is the Opera of Monaco. I didn’t get to see it yesterday but they do have a spectacular miniature model illuminated in front so we can imagine what it must be like inside.

The famous Hotel de Paris on the same square as the casino.

Across the street from the Hotel is the famous Cafe de Paris where we lunched.

Fellow Californian Aimee joined us for the day trip and so kindly navigated the winding route along of the French Riviera with ease. The interior walls of the Cafe de Paris are lined with beautiful stained glass windows illustrating the zodiac signs.

For lunch, I ordered mussels baked in a white wine cream sauce, avec des frites biensur.

With all the money in Monaco, you can rest assured the shopping is good.

The Chanel boutique located on the same square as the casino and Hotel de Paris.

I loved the decor of the Blumarine store.

Loved the shoes and the adorable pink satin and silver pedastal they were placed upon in the window.

When I saw this glass legged table I instantly thought it was something The Paris Apartment would die for.

In the afternoon we stopped in at The Hotel Hermitage.

The tea area was decorated in pale greens and yellows.

Hot chocolate was served in tall cafe glasses, and the raspberry mille feuille was delicious.

Of course Hotel de Paris and The Hermitage are not the only fine hotels in Monaco.

The old buildings have so many fine little beautiful details.

This anything but humble or little abode was up high in the old ville of Monaco next to the cathedral and overlooked the ocean.

The old cathedral of Monaco is especially beautiful lit up at twilight. Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier III in 1956 here receiving her eternal title of Princess Grace.

After a long day we watched the lights come on as the sky grew dark above the west marina of Monaco.



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  2. Marsi 10 March 2010

    How beautiful! It may be gloomy weather in Monaco, but at least the surroundings are beautiful. We are expecting more snow here in Denver today, so what can I say? I’m envious! Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Lee 10 March 2010

    Bardot in Blue,
    Little did I know I would get out of bed, sip some coffee and wind up in Monaco. What a delightful treat. It simple takes your breath away. Your photography skills are really wonderful and the size of the pictures are really nice. I enjoyed and savored everything.

    Thank you for the peek at your lovely companion looking chic in those vintage Fendi glasses, both of you must be making the most unforgettable memories… it is nice to see pictures of you both and it eliminates the feeling you are just surfing the net. Please, continue to post and bring us out of the mundane into the extraordinary.
    What a treat!

  4. janettaylor 10 March 2010

    Bonjour dearest Haleigh

    First of all – Thanks your lovely comments and email and your BLOG BUTTON for me. You are amazing…no doubt… 😉

    Secondly – You are a lucky girl and however how charming on that picture. Your trip appears so fantastic and I am glad about your joy. 🙂


  5. Rachel 10 March 2010

    good morning! can i just say that i would love to be you! and not in a creepy way but geez your adventures always look so beautiful and charmed (with or without the sun) 🙂
    also i agree your photography skills are great. i take a little trip every time i open your page.
    have a nice day!

  6. Tara 10 March 2010

    Your photos really transport me. Your blog is such a getaway!

  7. Kelly 11 March 2010

    Who knew Monaco was so lovely? I always pictured it much like Las Vegas, but there is no hint of tackiness in your photos so I’m happy to admit I was wrong! Loving the filter you are using on your camera (or is it an old toy camera) and much like the other commenters I feel transported with every snapshot!

  8. Suzie 11 March 2010

    Love the sights and lights of Monaco. Have studied your fabulous photo’s several times and can feel all the contentment. Where to next?

  9. Judith 11 March 2010

    Hi Doll! What a gorgeous post. Monaco is so beautiful. I love it there! Your photos are just incredible. Thanks for shafring with us! I hope you find the sun soon 🙂

  10. Rachel 11 March 2010

    p.s. there is a gift for you at my blog if you ever take get a breather from the awesome trips and get a chance to check it out 🙂

  11. Cindy A. 11 March 2010

    I can only dream of visiting such a place! Thank you for allowing us to live vicariously through your beautiful photography.

  12. Josi 12 March 2010

    Your pictures are purely beautiful.

  13. julianne 12 March 2010

    icannot get over these pictures.
    they are absolutley amazing.
    you look fabulous.
    im very envious of your travels! <3

  14. Erin 13 March 2010

    You two look like you are having the most wonderful trip! Please tell French Kissed that I wish I was there:)


  15. Gail 15 March 2010

    The visits to the Hotels have such ornate architecture. The flowers in The Hotel Hermitage were so colorful. Loved the glass legged table. The greens and yellow in the tea area were beautiful. Also, beautiful Mother/Daughter duo. Enjoy your special time.

  16. Mely 16 March 2010

    I haven’t said this yet, but I love whatever filter or old camera equipment you’re using to get these color-hued shots. It’s like a polaroid or something and it’s wonderful!


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