26 August 2010

La Piscine

By Haleigh In Non classé

Back in Paris now all I want to do is jump into these pictures and be back in the Luberon…sun on my face, freckles out in full force, splashing in the pool, eating well, and feeling free and playful like Brigitte…press play!



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  2. *valentine* 26 August 2010

    OOOOOOH tu es troooop jolie !!!
    The last photo is awesome, you’re gorgeous !
    But I’m leaving to the sunny south tomorrow midday without your lovely canotier-hat :'(
    That’s too bad.

    You’re beyond perfection : you know some friends of mine are real fan of your hair? haha
    We’re gonna make a Facebook group fanclub, I think…. 🙂

  3. sublimes photos! je suis tellement fan de ton blog!
    quelle élégance

  4. janettaylor 26 August 2010

    Adorable photos, my dear! I really like your that bikini! Hiper cute!

  5. Lena 26 August 2010

    Such divine swimsuits! I wish I was there, too!

  6. Carolyn Green 26 August 2010

    Hi Bardot,

    Lovely to see your wonderful vacation photos and to see that you are having a lovely time.
    Also to listen to La Madrague sung by Brigitte … doesn’t it always sound so much more sexy, in French.

    Happy weekend

  7. Such lovely photos^^
    The braid is perfect on you!

  8. the black bikini is so chic! i love it

  9. chrysso 26 August 2010


  10. Lady Moriarty 27 August 2010

    Oh mon Dieu, tu es tellement jolie sur la première photo !

    La Madrague est une chanson merveilleuse, un peu triste avec cet été qui s’en va

    “Coquillages et crustacés” 🙂

    See U !

    PS : ma préférée reste “Bonnie and Clyde”, je connais les paroles par coeur, et connais-tu “Initial B.B.” que Gainsbourg lui a dédié ?

  11. Marilynka 27 August 2010

    Love this look and the first photograph is really nice

  12. kelly ann 27 August 2010

    love the colouring of these! <3 xo

  13. Edel Terri Thomas 27 August 2010

    These photos are so lovely, you must make sure you keep them all safe to look at in the future down lifes road!
    Quite enchanting.
    And…..I wish it was ME swimming in that pool, Luberon here I come…..
    Thank you B In B

    The Gardener in dreamy state of French Dreaming! x

  14. .Jessica. 27 August 2010

    looks like such a wonderful time. I wish I looked like that after a long day in the sun!

  15. Ah les grandes vacances !
    I like the sun in your hair, lovely pictures !

  16. marii 27 August 2010

    Great Blog !! I follow you!!!
    Lovely photos !!i like the colouring of these!
    I know the Côte d’Azur … the Provence so so wonderful
    I love south France .. so so pretty.



  17. Sylvia etc 27 August 2010

    Beautiful shots, you look lovely!! South of France is so inspiring in the summer, spent my vacations there too! Bonne rentrée!
    ps: love La Madrague song, the best!


  18. Marie laure 27 August 2010

    très jolie découverte qu’est ton blog, je reviendrais! 😉

  19. Rianna 27 August 2010

    Lovely holiday snaps, great hat
    Rianna xxxx

  20. City Girl EC1 27 August 2010

    What stunning photographs!! 🙂 I love the song too. Your blog is beautiful, I will be following!
    City Girl x

  21. Taj 27 August 2010

    Lovely images…and A Good Year is one of my favorite movies as well! Reminds me of where I grew up near vineyards. Have a wonderful weekend my dear! xoox

  22. Ruby 27 August 2010

    Oooh lala, that black and white bikini is hot. And aren’t you just so sultry? Love it!
    (P.S. I may have to do a little post about your hotness…)

  23. LH 27 August 2010

    is your bikini from gina tricot, i think my friend has the exaclty the same bikini top as you. anyway, love your braid like that in the second picture !

  24. chelsea 28 August 2010

    you are such a cute little lady! this post made me happy, today was the first day it wasn’t a downpour in florida, so i spent around 5 hours in/by the pool! i love your bathing suits!


  25. Purses Pastries Etc... 28 August 2010

    I have enjoyed your last few posts so very much! A Good Year is one of my favorite movies exactly because it does take place in this magical region of France — thanks for sharing these snapshots of your vacation with us! And I’m glad you managed to get away even if for such a short time :))

  26. Beadboard UpCountry 28 August 2010

    Love it in the Sud de France!!!!!!!Looks like you had a great time Miss BIB!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  27. You are gorgeous, galmour and sexy.
    Luberon is such a wonderful spot

  28. The (Style) Realist 29 August 2010

    love both bathing suits in these pics…

  29. katie 29 August 2010

    gorgeous so glamourous! Love the swimsuit, and the bikini, the location and the first shot is stunning too! I am going on holiday this week and seeing your snaps has made me even more excited… if thats possible! Katie.xxxx
    fashion clocked

  30. Vicki Archer 29 August 2010

    I hate the thought of summer coming to an end…..love your happy snaps, xv.

  31. PinkBow 29 August 2010

    just lovely, esp that adorable bikini in the last shot

  32. bravegrrl 29 August 2010

    that first photo is the cutest ever! i LOVE your hair!!!


  33. Maria 30 August 2010

    oh, I so want to go to provence! and these photos are wonderful. summer is the best. 🙂

  34. Chasa 30 August 2010

    Love the swimsuits! Where are they from?

  35. annie 2 September 2010

    It looks so pretty! I love your braid too 🙂

  36. Beebs 23 September 2010

    i swoon!! totally gorgeous.

  37. Kara 23 May 2011

    You are so beautiful, and I am in love with that blue ring and the first swimsuit (the one piece). I’m sure the ring is vintage and one of a kind but where is that swimsuit from?? Loving your blog!


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