17 March 2010

Le Carlton

By Haleigh In Non classé

I have a sad but true confession to make. I am no longer on the Cote d’Azur. I have come back to Paris, back to the daily grind of work and school. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not complaining as Paris is a wonderful place to return home to, especially when I feel spring is finally in the air. But I would be lying if I said I would’t rather be back in the South of France spending a relaxing afternoon at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes taking tea in front of the sea like last week when I took these pictures.

Bright yellow tulips throughout the tea room reminded me of how excited I am spring is arriving.

A macaron and little piece of chocolate cake is just enough for an afternoon treat.

Feeling rather relaxed and reclined here…

For such a regal hotel only a royal crown would be a fitting emblem for the establishment.

The entryway was decorated with abundant white orchids and this beautiful chandelier.

The royal crown crest appears throughout the hotel interior.

The outside isn’t bad either!

The Carlton even has its own pier filled with lounge chairs during the summer for those lucky enough to stay at the hotel.

I am sad to say this is about the last of the photos I will be sharing from my recent voyage! Don’t worry though as I will be working around the clock to bring you all the exciting and beautiful things there are to share being back in Paris. The first ever Bardot in Blue Fragonard giveaway is now closed to entry as of the end of March 15th. As soon as I get a free minute to tally up all the comments and enter them into the drawing I will post and let you know who the lucky winner is! I am Looking forward to your comments…I cherish each and every one and they put a little extra spring in my step after reading them and heading out to find more things to blog about here and share.  A bientot!



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  2. Patty 17 March 2010

    You are so pretty!
    I love your photo’s, they are so nice!
    Going to follow your blog!

    xx Patty

  3. Rachel 17 March 2010

    comments are spring-inducing little things aren’t they! gorgeous, as usual. i would expect nothing less 🙂
    hey thanks for pointing out your inspiration gallery, some images are just to.die.for

  4. Julianne 18 March 2010

    woww these pictures are beautiful.
    you look gorgeous dear.xxx

  5. Jill 18 March 2010

    ohh, just amazing photos. I’ve seen Paris, but have never been to la cote d’azur; clearly, I definitely know I must….

  6. Fashion CHALET 18 March 2010

    I love my button. 🙂

    Thank you. If I am ever in Paris, we must meet up.

    Great post. Everything looks so glamorous, including y.o.u.


  7. Marsi 18 March 2010

    Hey, Paris is a fabulous place to blog from as well, so I’m looking forward to what you have to say now that you’re back.

  8. Juliana 18 March 2010

    What a pleasant surprise finding your site! Your pictures are amazing!

  9. Juliana 18 March 2010

    Please visit me!



  10. katrina 18 March 2010

    i’ve never been in such a posh establishment!

  11. katie 18 March 2010

    Beautiful blog and fabulous photographs the holiday looks divine- very chic.( i’ve scrolled through older posts and i love the h&m dress and tuxedo pairing- so stunning)
    Thankyou so much for commenting on my post- i was delighted to then discover such a treasure in your blog.

    I will be your loyal follower from England… (not quite as glamourous as Paris!)


  12. Marsha Harris 18 March 2010

    Hello precious, I’ve just discovered your blog via Vicki Archer’s, and want you to know I am delighted. Your post today is very special to me. When I remarried in 1999 my wonderful husband took me to France for our honeymoon, after Paris we went to Cannes and stayed at the Carlton. I will never forget that pier, sitting out there in the sun, meeting people from all over the world, laughing and sipping some amazing cocktail. The next year we rented a lovely villa, had all our friends come over from Texas, and once again frequented the Carlton so I could share with all my girlfriends. Oh, yes, what a splendid place to be. Thank you for helping me re-live these moments. You are beautiful…shine on!! xx’s Marsha

  13. Ola 18 March 2010

    Chic place! Tulips are so beautiful, first real sign of spring coming

  14. janettaylor 18 March 2010

    Sounds so great place!

  15. Sigh…oh reading this post makes me want to catch the next flight back to France! Such a gorgeous place. Love the pictures of the hotel, looks charming!

  16. the zhush 18 March 2010

    Love your photos! All the crowns and that incredible woodwork and molding in the hotel’s front entry…so beautiful!

  17. Nereida 18 March 2010

    Thank you very much for coming and commenting. I’m glad you’re my new follower, hehe. If you need anything for the blogroll let me know!
    P.S. The pics are beautiful … I love to travel to sites with this charm!

  18. Intrinsically Florrie 19 March 2010

    Firstly I must say you have absolutely beautiful hair!
    And they’re also gorgeous photos.
    Ahh I’ve never been to France but the South of France and Paris are at the top of my future holidays list- I really hope I can get to one of them this year.

    Florrie x

  19. Beadboard UpCountry 20 March 2010

    I know this is coming late… But Kudos to you , Miss Bardot in Blue…. Rock on… I am a big fan of your blog mentor…. That is not why I am commenting…. I admit I haven’t seen all of your posts, because I am doing this in time when,because I own a business,I have not had the opportunity to keep up as of late ( because a girl’s gotta make a living, and clients come first) but, sister, you are really hitting the mark…….With what I have seen so far that’s where you will go, far. So thanks for the great images, the wit, and the fun of your blog. I am giving you the Kick Derriere award. From Robespierrs and me. So just go and continue to do it…..MaryannXO

  20. Vicki Archer 20 March 2010

    Gorgeous shots of the Carlton..I am sorry the holiday is over but once you are home that is always wonderful too, xv.

  21. Lovely photos, and you look so gorgeous! xoxo

  22. Lee 20 March 2010

    Thank you for the lovely virtual tour… you look wonderful and relaxed…I am sure you made wonderful unforgettable memories.

  23. The Fashion Connection 21 March 2010

    Once again, great photography! You are absolutely beautiful 🙂 What a great hotel, and how lucky you get to return to Paris. Ahhh a girl can dream

  24. Carla 22 March 2010

    Hello Bardot,
    Thanks for your lovely post of Le Carlton! Your travel adventure was devine and I really enjoyed ‘travelling’ with you and Jermaine. You are both outstanding reporters with your verbal and visual descriptions of your amazing travels and adventures; in quite different ways…which makes the trip even more special for your loyal followers. C


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