21 October 2011


By Haleigh In Non classé

Lights! Camera! Action! Here it is…my film from my time in Basilicata, set to the sound of “Temptation” by my friends The Yolks! Traveling through Matera, Tursi, Maratea, Polilno, San Fele, Craco, Pisticci, and others I was just a girl with eye wide open in her camera view finder and this is what I captured for you! I hope you like it and if you do…please share! The goal of the Can’t Forget Italy project is to get the word out about this extraordinary and magical region of Italy, so feel free to tumble, tweet, facebook, and blog the film! If you share be sure to let me know so I can thank you properly on the blog here. Enjoy…!


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  2. Spayne 21 October 2011

    Gorgeous Video! Dreaming of being there now!

  3. Laeti Clic Clac Hop 21 October 2011

    Me like it !! But you know that !! Congrats !! I really love these short film ! You’re so talented Haleigh ! You know that ? 🙂

  4. BlondeMuse 21 October 2011

    I posted this video as a link this morning on my blog for my Sequins and Sparkles series. I really love it, everything you make is always so wonderful and absolutely near to perfection! xo

  5. Meg 21 October 2011

    Beautiful!! Like taking a mini vacation…great work!

  6. A Thousand Clapping Hands 21 October 2011

    Great job! I love the editing. Thanks for introducing me to this stunning region of Italy. I’m adding it to my list of ‘must visits’.

  7. Jules 21 October 2011

    Everything you do is so sparkling and amusing!

  8. Prettygreentea 21 October 2011

    So lovely , what did you film with ?!

  9. Lena 21 October 2011

    Simply perfect-I feel like I just went on vacation myself!

  10. Barbara 22 October 2011

    I REAAAAALLY ENJOYED THE VIDEO 🙂 makes me wanna go so badly!!! what camera did u use??

  11. Constance 22 October 2011

    Very nice film!!!!

  12. Tyler 22 October 2011

    I was going to post it before you even suggested it! What a beautiful video. Tweeted and tumbled! http://eiffeltyler.tumblr.com/

  13. Anaivilo 22 October 2011

    Such a natural and wonderful video! I really adore it! 😀

  14. sara 22 October 2011

    omg, so beautiful! i want to travel around, and catch those moments with my camera myself!

  15. Petit-Maître 22 October 2011

    Great to see moving images from you. The film breathes the same great tone that your photographs are.

  16. Elsa @ Styleabaad 23 October 2011

    Oh this is just so sweet! You did a great job, it’s so creative, pretty and atmospheric… love every single scene…

    Elsa at Styleabaad

  17. Courtney 24 October 2011

    You are so talented! I read your blog almost every other day, but I love your videos especially. I reposted the video to my blog, http://www.innerpeach.blogspot.com, and also posted it to some friends’ walls on facebook!

    Well done!!!! Cheers!

    xo Courtney

  18. Barbara 26 October 2011

    I just posted your video, as well as the promotional video, on my Italy-themed blog!


    You did a great job with the video – I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this part of Italy through your eyes!

    Thanks for sharing, and I’m looking forward to seeing more for this project. Any more trips lined up?

    Congrats on a great job! Barbara

  19. à la parisienne 10 November 2011


    What a talented videographer/editer you are! Seriously, you have such a unique style with things like this. I can totally imagine you doing this as a career.

    Bon travail!


  20. Leonie Hart 2 January 2012

    Haleigh that is a stella film! Such sweet imagery, well done! Biz

  21. えりか 12 January 2012

    Thank you for representing my country in this lovely way… I love Italy and I am happy ypu have appreciated the goods of it. I am going to share this video on facebook 🙂

  22. Mayflower 1 May 2013

    Looks like a fairytale ♥


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