4 May 2010


By Haleigh In Non classé

IN my last post I shared with you the town of Lourmarin where I have spent most of my time in the Provencal region of Luberon. This I managed to tear myself away from the charming little low lying village to visit the town of Gordes. It was simply amazing. As you approach I approached it on the road and saw it I literally gasped it was so breathtaking. The little town is pristine, everything is so charming you almost feel as if it can’t be real. But Gordes is very much real despite that it’s hard to believe looking at the sweeping views of Provence from the hill. I want to share with you all my discovery of Gordes just as I experienced it. All the photos you will see below are in chronological order as I took them, wandering through the tiny little passages. Enjoy your walk through this amazing historical local.

The main square has a large fountain in the middle that is typical old french and italian towns.

The chateau sits in the center at the highest point with the square right below encompassed by several cafes, boutiques, galleries, and an amazing flea market once a month.

The Renaissance Cafe there is 100% organic, even the wine.

Rabbit for lunch anyone?

One of the storefronts…

The market with an abundance of incredibly fresh produce unlike anything you find in the city.

I am a huge tomato lover, I could probably live exclusively off  tomatoes for the rest of my life. This selection is a dream com true. Check out those enormous heirlooms.

The are so many local products and honey seems to be a popular industry in the area.

You can see my sweetie Pierre peering over the wall down there.

It would be amazing to have a pied à terre in one of these old buildings in the town.

The cathedral was beautiful and totally empty and silent on this Saturday.

A statue of Joan of Arc I pressume.

Growing up I attended Catholic school and our Friday masses and special ceremonies were held at the historic Santa Barbara mission built by the Spanish settlers, known as the queen of the California missions for being the most beautiful. I will always love old european religious symbolism, art, and ceremony.

Would love to have sat here with a little picnic. The view from there was quite amazing…

as you can see!

Someone’s sweet and beautiful little trinkets in the window.

This building dates back at least to 1826 but I presume many of the structures are even older than that.

Some of the villas that lie on the outskirts of the town.

I hope you enjoyed discovering the town of Gordes with me. In my next post I am going to share my spring outfit I wore this day. Perhaps some of you have had the chance already to visit this town? If not and you ever travel to Provence it is a must see. Next trip I am planning on seeing Rousillon and Isle Sur La Sorgue that I hear from the locals are also quite stunning, and when I do I will be sure to share them on the blog. Well I have three papers down and now two finals to go! I did manage to take the time to redo my blog roll thought which I thought was feeling a bit sloppy. Do you like it? I chose one of my favorite photos from each one of the blogs on my list to accompany the links. Let me know what you think!


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  2. Clare 4 May 2010

    Oh my goodness, that looks like the most idyllic place in the World…

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. I feel like I’m repeating myself, but GORGEOUS photos!

  4. Trouvais 4 May 2010

    Just gorgeous Bardot! Thank you so much for a great start to my day! Merci! Trish

  5. Suzanne 4 May 2010

    No matter how many times I visit France I never see it all and always feel I need to return to see the things I’ve missed. Now I have a new place to add to my list. Thanks for the tour with your gorgeous photos.

  6. koralee 4 May 2010

    So lovely my friend…..I now NEED to go …..I would fall in love and never come back to Canada. Thank you for this lovely tour today. xoxo

  7. LH 4 May 2010

    i would seriously doanything to have one of the houses an dlive there forever

  8. Delores 4 May 2010

    Your photos are beautiful. Gordes is on my list of places to visit next time. Hopefully this fall.

  9. janettaylor 4 May 2010

    OMG! U are so right! Soooo incredible and how beautiful! Lucky U! 🙂 I almost need to go.

  10. Jill 4 May 2010

    Just incredible!!

  11. Now I am even more sad not to be traveling to France this year! Really beautiful photos…

  12. katie 4 May 2010

    Such delightful photos- this place looks like heaven to me! The first photograph is outstanding- and i would love those crystal charms in my window too! always love your posts lovely.xx
    would love you to call by. katie.xxx

    fashion clocked

  13. LE BLOG DE MOK 4 May 2010

    I really love your photos !!!! such typical of France !!! loves it !!
    😉 xoxo

  14. I just may consider a little side trip after Paris in September after seeing these photos. You are very talented with that camera and telling a story too. Love the crystals in the window, my favorite shot though they are all exceptional. Much love XO

  15. Tanvi 4 May 2010

    Beautiful Pictures!

  16. eva 4 May 2010

    this makes me wish i would have spent more time in France when I was living in Germany. Your pictures are so beautiful! They help me to escape from California even if only for a few moments.

  17. Vicki Archer 4 May 2010

    A great tour of Gordes…Your photographs are superb and showcase this superb village beautifully. Love your blog roll too…xv

  18. GorgeousGlam 4 May 2010

    Makes me want to travel instead of working today! Great pics my dear. xoxo

  19. Samantha 4 May 2010

    Lovely photos – I really want to visit there now!! 🙂

  20. French Kissed 5 May 2010

    Ok, it’s on my list and I definitely want to go when they are having the flea market. How does a girl get so lucky…and to think you were there with your sweetheart Pierre. Can’t wait to see you soon…and the blogroll looks so pro. Each time I visit it’s like I am opening a wonderful travel ~ fashion magazine. <3

  21. kelly ann 5 May 2010

    oh my… i can’t stop looking at these! they’re just gorgeous, and SO dreamy!

  22. Ellen 5 May 2010

    Visual Stunning! I want to walk into them and be there!!!

  23. Carla Reeves 5 May 2010

    Hello Bardot,
    Love this region and the way you have showcased it is fantastic. My husband and I were in Cucaron (spelling??) several years ago…also a lovely old town. Charming. xoxox

  24. Lauren 5 May 2010

    your pics are beautiful, I just got lost in them for the longest time. thanks for sharing your adventures!

  25. Gail 5 May 2010

    Hello Bardot!
    I am just in love with your blog. What a lucky girl you are to live in France! Ooh la la! I am a big fan of your mom’s blog, French Kissed, too. Your mom is a sweetie, so I’m guessing you are too 🙂
    I could be here all day just dreaming of all of the loveliness you are sharing with us. Thanks for such incredible images. I feel like I’m almost really there too!

    If you get a chance, stop by and say hi. Here’s hoping you are having a fabulous Frenchy day!

  26. Carolyn Green 5 May 2010

    Hello Bardot,

    I enjoyed seeing your amazing photographs, and thank you for taking us on a tour of this gorgeous place. I can see why you left your heart in Provence. The blog roll and photos look great.
    Good luck with the papers and have a wonderful week.


  27. Carol 5 May 2010

    Thank you for sharing your photos of Gordes. What a gorgeous place!

    Your new blog roll is wonderful and makes me want to visit each one.

    Best wishes on your tests and kudos for getting your papers done.

  28. couture whore 5 May 2010

    Adorable! i would love to go here sometime.
    btw your pictures are so beautiful.

  29. Shaun 5 May 2010

    This is where I spent my childhood!!

  30. Jennifer 5 May 2010

    Hi! I love your pictures! They so beautiful. What type of camera do you use to take them?

  31. Charlotte Jay 5 May 2010

    I really want to go there now !!!!

    This is just too gorgeous!!!

    Im in love with these images, you are so talented!!

    I love the blue shutters 🙂

    Char x

  32. splendid market 5 May 2010

    Love the tour!! Especially the blue shutters and the cathederal shots. Enjoy L’Ils Sur la Sourge — great antique shopping!! Good luck on finals!!!

  33. Blondie M 5 May 2010

    Last year, I went to the same place !! It was so beautiful !

  34. Angie Chamorro 6 May 2010

    Thanks for sharing these pictures! I love Provence, and have always dreamed of having a little housewith blue shutters in the lavender fields. Immediately feel transported with your photos.

  35. Artist 6 May 2010

    Wow, the photos are so beautiful. It makes me think back to great times I had in France.

  36. TwoMaisons 6 May 2010

    Your lovely photos made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve ventured across the valley. Just 15 minutes away – I have no excuse! You’ll love l’isle. Feel free to email if you need any info about the area.

  37. Gordes is one of my favorite spot. And you will love Isles sur la Sorgue and Roussillon .
    If somedays you want to try the coast , drive to Cassis and you ‘ll let me know , I will be pleased to give you a tour

  38. Karena 6 May 2010

    Adore your images, and would love to visit have not been to that part of Italy.
    Joan of Arc is wonderful.

    Art by Karena

  39. Arla Aabba! 6 May 2010

    your photos are totally amazing!

  40. OOH you got me with the fleur de courgettes, I love them! Friednup in beer batter with egg whites like tempura and dipped in fresh tomato sauce with Provencial herbs……Loved this.Maryanne xo

  41. Pocahondas 6 May 2010

    I love the colors of this pictures!

  42. Lenka James 7 May 2010

    It looks so enchanting I love it!!! You really captured the vibe of those shots

  43. by Jessica Skeide 7 May 2010

    Wow so georgeous i always wanted to go here:)

  44. Ola 7 May 2010

    Again, I am so impressed with the architecture! Great place to live or at least visit

  45. PinkBow 9 May 2010

    i especially like the photograph of the window with the crystals hanging, the peeling paint on the windowsill makes it that much better

  46. Sofia 9 May 2010

    Beautiful pictures! The landscape is fantastic

  47. Janine 15 May 2010

    WOW, these pictures are STUNNING!!!
    Nice photography.


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