24 February 2012

Being There

By Haleigh In Non classé

I made this little film from all the footage I have been collecting of my adventures over the last several months. The footage here is from three trips to NYC in the fall, one trip to California, South Africa, and of course Paris. Now that I have been sitting at home working in Paris and waiting out winter for the last couple weeks, my hearts is aching to get out and do some more living. For now I have my memories, and I love making videos like this with all my friends and fun in it to remember the thousands of reasons I have to be happy.  I made this video a few weeks ago when the internet was down. I always make videos and edit pictures when the internet is down and can’t to my “real work.” To have the time for my creative projects is one of my greatest pleasures and ways of personally rewarding myself. See you on facebook, twitter, tumblr this weekend.



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  2. Elsa at Styleabaad 24 February 2012

    I love your little video, so dreamy and beautiful!

  3. Jonathan Daniel Pryce 24 February 2012

    So beautiful. This made me smile.

  4. Belle Inspiration Magazine 24 February 2012

    Marvelous job Haleigh! Paris is finally warming up!

  5. Katharina 24 February 2012

    oh my good this video is seriously MAGIQUE!!!
    so well done, I wish I could do videos like that about my travels too…
    love you blog, your style and your life 🙂

  6. Savanna 24 February 2012

    I read all these posts and never comment enough! That was SO gorgeous, it completely just turned my day around. I’ve been bummed out about my town’s lack of snow this winter, but now I’m ready for spring after watching that gem.

  7. Morgan 24 February 2012

    VERY Sofia Coppola… I love it!

  8. Lynndee LeBeau 25 February 2012

    loved loved loved!

  9. Leonie 25 February 2012

    I love your films Haleigh!

  10. Lesley 25 February 2012

    What a lovely video! The music captures it perfectly.

  11. rr 25 February 2012

    This is unreal. Magnificent job (as usual), Haleigh.

  12. Chandra 25 February 2012

    Wow, I feel like I just traveled with you! Thanks for that!

  13. The Dainty Doll's House 25 February 2012

    Very cool indeed!! Have a wonderful weekend! xx

  14. LMK 25 February 2012

    I know exactly where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, who you were with and what is important; all capsulated in under three minutes. The cinematography is pure magique! Absolutely FAB!!! Baisers et des caresses ; )

  15. Maje 25 February 2012

    You seem to live in a world we all wih we could live in!
    love your blog and your pictures 🙂

  16. Catriona 26 February 2012

    LOVE this video! Great work

  17. Eliana Smith 26 February 2012

    You never cease to be a source of continual inspiration for me! Your world is so FUN. We needs to party if I go to PARIS! Or at least to s shoot together.

    Now, excuse me… going to watch this vid a few billion more times.


  18. Siobhan 26 February 2012

    Such a beautiful video. I want this to be my life xx

  19. thetravelingheart 26 February 2012

    You are so talented seriously! I loved this video ^^. What editing software do you use? Or is it a secret??

  20. Amy 27 February 2012

    I absolutely love this! Inspiring me to take some videos of my life! Also to get some glittery boots 🙂 xoxo

  21. Alice 17 April 2012

    I love this video! It lifted my Monday morning work blues and sparked amazing plans for travelling again when I shared it with the girls I work with. I just love your blog and all of the content you make! x

  22. Ondine 22 May 2012

    Haleigh I watched this video periodically, whenever the craving for it hits.

    Always amazing. Always. xx

  23. Ondine 22 May 2012

    Haleigh I watch this video periodically, whenever the craving for it hits.

    Always amazing. Always. xx


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