29 May 2011


Château d'Amboise, Amboise, France
By Haleigh In Non classé

Some more photos from my Loire journal! Amboise is a cute little town along the river. From the hill top Chateau at the city center there is an amazing view. Mommy and I peaked in the windows of the cute sweet shop Bigot before hitting the road again in search of more adventure to see some other chateaux. I imagine there is so much to see here, I only wish we had more time. I hope you are enjoying the pictures from the Loire that I’ve been sharing. I finally got my camera back from repair so I can take some more pics around Paris to share next. In the meantime enjoy some views from the chateau atop this cute little village as much as I did visiting.


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  2. Lovely! These pictures make me think of Easter:)

  3. vasilieva 29 May 2011

    the pictures are great, totally awesome


  4. Alice 29 May 2011

    Wow, vacation envy… I think that must be my next dream trip!

    Just a Silhouette

  5. annawithlove 29 May 2011

    so lovely! that ice cream would be perfect right about now….

  6. the style crusader 29 May 2011

    Totally love that your jumper matches your ice-cream! Looks so sweet and lovely. p.s. your hair looks so bouncy! xx

  7. Styleabaad 30 May 2011

    Oh I just love all the flowers everywhere, seems like such a heavenly place! Also, I like how well your ice-cream matches your sweater 😉 xo Elsa

  8. Jeffrey 30 May 2011

    great pics….looks beautiful…any good food in the area?

  9. Cris 30 May 2011

    Beautiful! Enjoy!

    Cris xoxo


  10. My Style Canvas 30 May 2011

    These photos are just breathtaking. I especially love the top one of you with your ice cream (how cute that it goes with your top) and the one of the building roofs.

  11. Conny 30 May 2011

    So lovely 🙂

  12. Amazing colors, and what a beautiful town! Also, have to say, I totally dig the two-handed, double ice cream cone dexterity. 😉

  13. Lily 30 May 2011

    Love the ice cream photos !! Really gorgeous shots as usual.


  14. absolutelymrsk 30 May 2011

    girl, you have made my morning Fleet Foxes, yes! again the pictures are phenomenal, you know how to capture la douce france in your photos. oh and the mint green looks amazing

  15. Renée 30 May 2011

    Beautiful lady. Your photos are always so stunning and this setting is ideal!


  16. Wonderful, what an enchanting place 🙂 Looks relaxing and lush!! Happy you enjoyed with your mommy!! Have a great Monday flower & week to come!! I hope the sun is shining for you. Kizzy xoxox

  17. MadeleineMiranda 30 May 2011

    How charming, what a delicious little town 🙂 You are lovely, as usual!

  18. Ariell Etienne 30 May 2011

    Amazing!!! I would like to visit the castles of LA Loire soon, so magic to imagine Leonard da Vinci, working to his inventions in Chambord!!! Your pistachio cardigan and ice cream are yumi!!!! Hugs from Brittany

  19. J’adore!!!!!!!

  20. Ambypure 30 May 2011

    beautiful photos!

  21. Jill 30 May 2011

    Enchanting!! By the way, WOW, your cameo ring is gorgeous. I’ve never seen that colour before. Matched your ice cream. Now THAT’s style!

  22. I really love these pictures, and the village is really awesome!!!
    I follow your blog, what a sweet discovery today:)

  23. kristina 30 May 2011

    Hi, i was in Paris and Loire valley last year. I had such a great time there and it is so good to see these places again on your pictures. I didnt have much time to explore those small villages around castles so I would like to see some pictures of them.
    Au revoir, kristina

  24. Didi Angel 31 May 2011

    Gorgeous pics…….Ohhhhhhhh my…lovely !!!!

  25. marta 31 May 2011

    Love Fleet Foxes! And your jumper matches the colour of the ice-cream! Did you do it for purpose?:)

  26. Raspberry & Rouge 31 May 2011

    You look gorgeous! The mint green is fab on you! And the surroundings are amazing!! Have a great day! XO Raspberry & Rouge

    http://raspberry-rouge.com (give-away on!)

  27. Change Paris 31 May 2011

    Adorable! It seems like a very charming little city!

  28. sandy@oohlafroufrou 31 May 2011

    Gorgeous … as are you in your mint green pieces (who knew ice cream could be such a fabulous accessory!) … have a lovely week! If you haven’t visited yet, please drop by Ooh La Frou Frou for lots of fun. The glamorous card line has an accompanying blog that looks into the lives of the eight illustrated glamorous characters I’ve created for the cards …

    Sandy, artist and creator of
    The Ooh La Frou Frou Collection

  29. Lena 31 May 2011

    These shots are just so gorgeous-wow!

  30. Lauren 1 June 2011

    I love your style and pictures. You have a ton of talent. This by far my favorite blog. I just started a blog. I’m 14. This blog is so inspiring to me. Keep doing what you do. You’re awesome!

  31. à la parisienne 1 June 2011

    You’ve captured such charming images of Amboise. Thank you for sharing.


  32. Tracy 2 June 2011

    You look really cute in the first picture! With the sweater and an ice cream cone in each hand, you look like a cute adorable kid. (And I mean that nicely!)

  33. Colleen 18 June 2011

    Every time I read your blog I think to myself: “I want to go to there!”


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