17 May 2014

Wide Open Spaces

Santa Margarita, United States
By Haleigh In Non classé

Central California, USA

Lately I feel at odds with the city. In Paris it seems somewhat possible to escape it, still within it. My quiet apartment in the center of a city block where one rarely hears a car, the banks of the Seine where the air is cool on the water. Los Angeles is more difficult. I am trying to remain positive about this place as it appears I have so many ties to it. Seeing as I am a product of nature though, it breeds fear in my mind  and exhausts my body. Constant drought, dry heat cooking us on the unshaded streets, the earth shaking,  smoke blowing in from wild fires blazing to the south, smog from millions of cars in constant motion, the battle to find a spot to place your driving machine just to get a cup of tea or see a friend, the sheer vastness of it entrapping me. There are few things like the fiery pink sunsets over Los Angeles, but each time I’m suddenly saddened remembering it’s the smog that gives them this vibrant color as the sun hovers low in the sky, its rays passing through nature’s demise. “The world began in Eden, and ended in Los Angeles” plays over again in my mind. Some days I am able to push these feelings aside, but other days during my time here I seek opportunities to escape it. My aunt and uncle offered to lend us their house for a few days  in Central California in a place more conducive to life, home to ranches, green hills, and wildflowers. I couldn’t help but think despite my urban ambitions in fashion and beyond, that here in this small town they’ve got it made. The backyard borders an open field surrounded by hills. We moved my grandfather here a few years ago to be close to them and he lives just down the street. His dog Appy has more energy than he does these days, so we try to walk and run him in the fields as often as possible.  By ourselves, we just enjoyed the silence, the wind, the rolling clouds and their shadows discovering another pleasure of the countryside, the freedom of working with a camera. Playing with light is suddenly so easy here, shadows and depths, open space to move in the frame freely without cars and trashcans polluting the purity of an image. And the sunsets? It turns out, even without all the smog, nature makes them just as vibrant here…


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  2. Melissa Cuentas 17 May 2014

    Beautiful photos, and you look so pretty! – and I love pink sunsets. I think an escape like this would do me so good! XO

  3. kerrie 17 May 2014

    You are not alone in your struggle to embrace the overcrowded, oversmogged city…but your Central California countryside looks a lot like where I live in Northern California. A beauty worth preserving. Your photos are beautiful and if I was your age and size I would be buying at least one of your dresses 🙂

    You always remind me of myself 20+ yrs ago(I am 47)…I still have the photos from a photo shoot that I did in a wide open field wearing a vintage purple floral dress with the exact same kind of hiking boots that you are wearing here! I also wore them with a white cargo skirt and bright yellow mess top with safari green button up tied around my waist for an Out of Africa look.

    You always make me smile…continue following your heart in all that you do, because it is pure and beautiful.

    xxo Kerrie

  4. Stéphanie 17 May 2014


    Your photos are really beautiful!
    California looks really great.
    Pretty dress 🙂

    See you soon

  5. maria 17 May 2014

    I couldn’t even begin with my fave ‘magique’ photos! there are no low rated shots haleigh and the way you edit each one of those we have seen throughout the years is simply enchanting!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! As I said last time, what you are writing about right now (with regards to your frustrations with your own home town) is something I’m currently experiencing. I was worried that it was just me, but glad that it’s a normal feeling. I think it’s the fact that we associate it with a step backwards, but like you and me this is just the transition place to something more beautiful. Thank you and hope you have a lovely day! x

  7. Jessica M 17 May 2014

    Your story at the top really makes me laugh — I was just describing LA to some friends who had never been there and was telling them it’s nice for about 2 months of the year, then for the rest it’s miserably hot, congested, smoggy, and THEN there’s fire season! You found the perfect place to escape to though — these photos are absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE your new shop! You’ve curated and presented these finds and pieces of work so beautifully! Well done bringing this project to life my dear!

  8. Meg 17 May 2014

    You’re the cutest.

  9. Glory 18 May 2014

    I think we all need wide open spaces to see that everything that’s scary isn’t so big and bad
    That it’ll be ok 🙂

  10. Mackenzie Mancuso 18 May 2014

    These photos are all so beautiful.

    x Kenzie

  11. Teresa 18 May 2014

    Another beautiful heartfelt post Hayleigh, you seem to have captured the vintage dresses in their essence too! X

  12. Stephanie 18 May 2014

    These photos are so beautiful! I live in the middle of a huge city so I never get to experience the outdoors like this – or if I do, it’s for far too short a time. These photographs are so incredibly serene and I completely understand the feelings you’re having right now. Hopefully you’ll adjust soon?

    Stephanie | Love, August

  13. Synne 18 May 2014

    Wow, these photos are stunning! There really is something about fresh air and green surroundings!

  14. josephine 19 May 2014

    Amazing dresses, love them!

  15. Michaela Jean 20 May 2014

    My goodness woman, these photos are seriously magical. You look like a princess from another time and another land. <<<and that was meant as a major compliment.




  16. Ester 20 May 2014

    I am always amazed by your pictures, Haleigh! 🙂 those vintage pieces look fabulous, I specially like the striped dress, it’s lovely!
    hope you’re having fun there even if it’s not a quiet place as Paris!

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  17. Trou 22 May 2014

    This looks like a gorgeous place to run around.

  18. Reanne 23 May 2014

    Hello! I stumbled into your blog and just found out that I must share this with my cousin and sister as they’d love to go to Paris one day. I honestly love your photography style, it feels so at ease and free. I do wonder the techniques you used in editing because I love the colour and it always looks bright like natural lighting! Oh and I just have to say that I absolutely love your room. It’s like what every girl would want to live in! Love your blog! I guess you’ll be on my list when I’m on the internet! Have a wonderful day ahead!

  19. Amber via Amused 2 June 2014

    My goodness Haleigh, these photos are absolutely breathtaking. I thought that the very first one was my favorite, but I said that with each subsequent photo! Recognize the pink vintage dress – you dyed it a while back!

    Beautiful song.


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