8 March 2010

Fragonard & the Flea

By Haleigh In Non classé

After a bit of relaxing here in Cannes, the first trip out of town was just a few kilometers inland to the town of Grasse. While eventually I will share some photos of the beautiful scenery, what seems to have most caught my attention and the eye of my camera thus far are just the pretty little things. Grasse is famous for Fragonard in both its forms, Fragonard the famous french painter and Fragonard the perfume company named for its admiration of the renowned artist. There you will find the museum of perfume and all the pretty little things on display inside.

These regal little perfume bottles crafted into crowns where made for Prince Matchabelli, a line of perfume started by the Georgian prince and amateur chemist George Matchabelli. To the right is a beautiful little perfume bottle in the shape of a birthday candle.

This little doggy pulling a golden chariot of perfume was just too cute not to photograph.

There was no date with this vintage Belle de Nuit on display but I would guess it’s from the 1920’s or 1930’s.

These handsome little bottles came with beautiful silk boxes to match.

I couldn’t leave without a souvenir so I purchased these two these petit pots of parfum balm. Adorably purse perfect for a girl on the run like me.

This morning was spent browsing Cannes’ Marché Forville. Normally filled with a large food market Tuesday through Saturday, on Mondays the venue becomes a brocante.

Only a french dollhouse would be equipped with such a beautiful little canopy and murals.

I found a wonderful book on one of my favorite artists Raoul Dufy. Inspired by the scenes of the French Riviera, Dufy is known for the brilliant colors he used in his paintings. It was interesting to find some early sketches in black and white.

I would have loved to take that green glass vase with me, but I was afraid it would be a bit of trouble bringing back to Paris. The little birdie in the cage was also quite pretty although a bit dark in this picture.

We met the most amazing sunglasses vendor. Her lunettes were in perfect condition from every era of the last century. Better yet, while these glasses run up to 100 euros at the Paris flea markets, many of hers were priced as low as 25 euros.

These were two of my favorites. The bottom pair were vintage Lancel from the 1980’s sparkling with rhinestones. For those of you who aren’t up on the trend, 1980’s inspired shades are a hot item for spring and summer fashion this year.

French-Kissed took home this beautiful pair of muted pink enamel glasses from the 1950’s. She will now be seeing la vie en rose.

I bought this tortoise shell rhinestoned pair for spring and summer to make sure I’ll be up on the trend.

Lastly I bought this adorable little pink shaded lamp. It doesn’t work but I was willing to pay five euros for the pink lamp shade alone., even if it is a little dirty it only brings it charm.

 Tomorrow…I’m off to visit Monaco!



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  2. missmakesalot 8 March 2010

    those sunglasses are just darling! they are so fabulous. i love the 80’s rhinestoned ones too – great find! and that LAMP! oh yes even the shade alone is worth it. looks like a wonderful trip ! 🙂

  3. janettaylor 8 March 2010

    Gorgeous little crowns. 🙂

  4. Geena 8 March 2010

    fabulous sunglasses i want them all!

  5. Becky 8 March 2010

    Love the lamp and the sunglasses.

  6. Marsi 8 March 2010

    I love your blog and am always so happy to see an update for you in my blog reader. Your visit to the flea market sounds divine.

  7. Becky 8 March 2010

    Beautiful post, I love the bottles shaped like crowns.

  8. Rachel 8 March 2010

    you go to the prettiest places! that little dog pulling the chariot is soo cute. i love it 🙂

  9. Melissa 8 March 2010

    “Tomorrow, I’m off to visit Monaco!” What a LUCKY, LUCKY girl!

    I’m so going to find a French doll house for my little Miette! A must!

  10. Carolyn Green 8 March 2010

    Love all the photos you have shown today, the perfume bottles, the French dolls house and the vintage sunglasses. My daughter, is wearing some of my old sunglasses, I wore in the 80’s.
    Enjoy Monaco.

  11. The Zhush 9 March 2010

    So sweet and French! I did a post on Perfumes today as well. Though not as visually gorgeous as yours.
    The doll house reminds me of a book I loved as a child. Written by an ex model, it was quite the cult hit, and now I can’t remember its name! Ask French Kissed, bet she knows!

  12. Samantha 9 March 2010

    Lovely photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂

  13. Kelly 9 March 2010

    I took am a fan of Dufy, love his work! Also covet that little green vase! I’m new to your blog and I’m so happy to have discovered it, it’s now a daily read! Although, I’m afraid you’re solely responsible for my current too expensive lingerie obsession but I won’t hold it against you 😉

  14. laura trevey 9 March 2010

    What a sweet giveaway… and I love those sunglasses!!

  15. Mandy Baker 9 March 2010

    I got to go to France for the first time last summer and totally loved the brocantes! I’m an optician and those vintage shades are so fun. Please enter me in your giveaway.

    Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  16. ShootingStarsMag 9 March 2010

    This would be amazing. So cute. My sister is in France right now. 🙂

  17. Helene Jørstad 9 March 2010

    Whenever I get bored I just go to “Bardot in Blue”, It is like my little getaway from Copenhagen. looks like you had a nice time down there, Haleigh-girl! Love that little lamp.. sooo cute!

  18. Kathleen 9 March 2010

    Love the sunglasses and envy you going off to Monaco tomorrow! I never knew there would be a brocante in Cannes, was there but was not aware of brocantes then!Now I will have to return soon!

  19. teg 9 March 2010

    So cute! I love the little Eiffel tower.

  20. Suzie 10 March 2010

    Fabulous sunglasses!! Pretty little bottles!! The pink lamp is the winner though!! Have a wonderful trip…………

  21. Cashon & Co 10 March 2010

    Gorgeous things!! Ahh, I feel like I’m there. The perfume bottles make my knees weak. 🙂

  22. Cindy A. 11 March 2010

    How exciting! I love the little chariot of perfume! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win such a sweet gift. 🙂

  23. Gorgeousglam1 11 March 2010

    I just love the pictures of the perfume museum! I must go there this summer! Thanks for sharing such wonderul pics doll! xoxo

  24. Josi 12 March 2010

    LOVING, the french doll house !

  25. PinkBow 12 March 2010

    beautiful, i feel as if i were there with you 🙂

  26. A.Co 12 March 2010

    Wow -these pictures are stunning- it’s like taking a holiday without leaving my desk! 😉

    I love the picture of the sunglasses – amazing you found some so cheap. Hope you bought a pair!?


  27. Marilyn C. 13 March 2010

    Came over to see you from French Kissed. How lucky you both are to share this trip together.

  28. Meg 14 March 2010

    Mini perfume bottles and vintage sunglasses? Such a perfect day. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Gail 15 March 2010

    The perfume bottles are so wonderful. I think I might have tried for that stunning green glass vase. I’m now on a new hunt for sunglasses especially with rhinestones. Thanks for the trendy tip on sunglasses. Your trip is full of memories. Enjoy the time together.

  30. Merle Etzkorn 18 March 2010

    What a charming blog and what a great location . . . I love Paris ANYTIME!! I am lucky enough to have experienced love in Paris . . . aaaaaah

    Would make a wonderful memento of my days in France

    Merci, me

  31. Bonjour Romance 22 March 2010

    What a marvelous trip. The Fragonard bottles and labels are so pretty, the little pots are the perfect size. How wondeful that you and your mom had this time together – priceless.
    Bon semaine,

  32. Berlin 7 April 2010

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for such a sweet comment 🙂
    As I said before, your pics are fab, and thank you oh so much for sharing your adventures in France!
    Can’t wait for your next post…
    I posted your button on my blog 😉

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