14 February 2010

Moulin Rouge

By Haleigh In Non classé

Last weekend my sweetheart and I had the pleasure of being invited to a grande soirée in Brussels. It was one fabulous night at the Moulin Rouge to celebrate the hostess’ birthday. I had some trouble tracking down a french cancan to go with the requested dress code so I got a bit creative and came up with something I ended up loving much more. My hairdresser friend in the 7th did my hair Friday just before I got on the train, and thanks to quite a bit of hairspray the look lasted through the night.

I wore none other than a Manoush dress I purchased for the occasion. Worn With: Hussein Chalayan blazer, Tabio tights, my aunt’s 1970’s vintage gloves, miniature top hat purchased at a costume shop in California, grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry, and Samantha’s mary-janes.

The event was held at a small palace outside of Brussels.

Throughout the night there were dance spectacles accompanied by some jaw dropping from the guys.

The birthday girl wore an authentic vintage french cancan given to her by her grandmother for the event.

The party was a black tie event and everyone put on the ritz. It was the men I thought looked best of all though. It’s a rare occasion to see them all o sharply dressed in this day and age in tuxedos, top hat, and all.

The ladies didn’t look bad either though.

I loved her head-dress. It matched the feather trim on her deep blue satin dress.

After dinner and a second spectacle, dessert was served up. Ice cream cones were just a small part of it though as we were offered chocolat soufflé, crème brûlée, and more.

After dinner the great room was converted to a bar and dance floor.

Worn with: Betsey Johnson coat, Miu Miu bag, and a feather boa I adopted somewhere along the way during the night.

The night was like a dream; everything I expected and more and definitely worth the trip to Belgium. I have so many amazing pictures from the night it was hard to choose which ones to post. I hope I am lucky enough to be invited back next year! You can also check out the professional photographer’s pictures here.



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  2. French Kissed 15 February 2010

    Looks like a fabulous evening and you were dressed to perfection! You looked so put together in original and amazing Haleigh style. Hope you did not take the spotlight from the birthday girl.


  3. Alison 16 February 2010

    what an amazing event! wow!
    lucky you for having the opportunity to dress up and go somewhere so fabulous.
    i’m so glad you commented on my blog so that i could discover yours!
    xoxo alison

  4. katrina 16 February 2010

    these photos are fantastic and seem to capture your evening just so! it appears that a lot of the women were taken with fascinators. your ensemble is adorable!

  5. Judith 21 February 2010

    What an amazing event! You were dressed to perfection and the images are lovely!

  6. Rachel 22 February 2010

    Wow how fabulous. I love everything about your outfit. I got a mini top hat headband that I love. I cannot figure out where I could possibly wear it to but I just had to have it! I wish I had an event like this for my little hat to make its debut 🙂

  7. Lauren 25 February 2010

    #Fact just reading your blog makes me feel a little more fabulous. Thanks for the great posts and inspiration!

  8. Gabby 26 February 2010

    You look amazing! You always had a knack for putting together beautiful and elaborate outfits! Can I come live with you please? This looks like it was such a cool experience!

  9. Edel Terri Thomas 22 August 2010


    That was amazing, and I bet it was a fabulous evening!

    Make sure you get to plenty of good parties like that!

    Memories to last a life time!

    You looked amazing, well done on the outfit. It was obviously the best there!



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