1 May 2010


By Haleigh In Non classé

I have to say I really feel like a lucky girl. Hard to believe less than two months ago I was exploring the Cote d’Azure with French-Kissed and on our train ride home through Provence the ground and covered in snow. I am fortunate enough to have been back last weekend and find the seasons have completely changed. This time I was in sundresses and swimsuits. My darling boyfriend has a family home in the region of Luberon, and whenever we get the urge to get out of town we head south for the weekend, which is only a three hour high speed train ride to paradise. Just down the road is the little town of Lourmarin which I fall deeper in love with every time I go visit.

Everything here is so pure, pristine, and sweet in all of its aged and authentic charm.

I swear it’s extremely difficult to get a less than delicious meal in the region.

This is the town school…

This is one of the several boutique hotels in town.

The produce is amazing…

…which is one of the main reasons the food is the best I have eaten in the whole world in the Luberon.

I love how nothing here fancy or over done. I feel so at ease in the world here. Knowing every weekend there will be too short, I slow down and take the time to live fully in each moment.

After my first several trips, we are still finding new things to do. This time we visited the cemetery in Lourmarin. Call me creepy but I love visiting old cemeteries.

French Algerian author and philosopher Albert Camus is buried in the cemetery here. Camus is one of my favorite authors. Being in the Luberon you can see how it must have inspired him. Once I moved beyond the absurdism and existentialism in his work, I really feel his message is more about not letting life distract us from what is incredible about the moment now. There is too much we can’t know, but the simplest things are often the most real and  most beautiful, and thus perhaps the most important. The colors in a pretty sunset, feeling the breeze on your skin and the sound as it rustles through the trees, the smells of the flowers, watching the street lights turn on at twilight, etc. In the Luberon I take the time to appreciate these things. I read his book The Stranger in high school, and as his vivid descriptions of the simple magic in life became so much more important than the plot line as a whole this was the message I took from it. I have also read several other works from Camus but The Stranger is my favorite.

Camus died very young at the age of forty seven in a car accident not far from Lourmarin. His wife is buried next to him.

Another who died young…

I have so many pictures from just one weekend in Provence that I will be sharing them with you in a series of posts this week.


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  2. Charlotte Jay 1 May 2010

    Thanks!! 🙂

    These are such beautiful images!

    That tomato looks DELICIOUS!

    Good luck with all the papers and work!

    Char x

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love how even a cemetery looks pretty!

  4. Clare 1 May 2010

    Beautiful photos… you make me want to travel the World.

    tweet tweet tweet


  5. LH 1 May 2010

    i want to die in france.

  6. Saskia 1 May 2010

    I wanna go ~ I wanna go !
    Thank you for the lovely tour.

    Your etsy shop looks great, filled with some sweet items. Love the banner at the top of your blog =)

    Wishing you a sweet Sunday! xx

  7. Mely 1 May 2010

    Ah! These are so beautiful! I wish I had spent more than a day in Aix, because Provence looks so lovely through your camera lens. Did you see anyone playing Pétanque?

  8. Dallas Brooks 2 May 2010

    If my sister saw this she would DIE!! She loves France, let alone Provence. I love the picture with the Purple tree in the cemetery! Great shots! I will just have to tell her about this blog. She will love it!

  9. Lenka James 2 May 2010

    your pictures are magical I like the little story about albert camus..He was an amazing writer I really liked his book too ^^

  10. Carolyn Green 2 May 2010

    Hi Bardot in blue,

    Beautiful photos and thank you for sharing with us.
    Love the old buildings, the school and the cemetery.
    Don’t you love the fast speed trains, gets you there in no time at all.
    Much luck with your papers and I hope that you get a little time to relax and enjoy the weekend.


  11. allegra 2 May 2010

    wonderful! I love it there.. when I was younger I used to make holidays with my parents in provence.. cool post andd amazing pics, hun!

  12. barbie 2 May 2010

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  13. jade 2 May 2010

    these photo’s are gorgeous, i love the south of france – it gives you such a lovely such of peace just wondering around enjoying the beauty. just started reading your blog- think im going to enjoy it :]

  14. Oh how I want to come to France!!

  15. Samantha 2 May 2010

    Beautiful photos – it sounds and looks lovely! Good luck 🙂

  16. delilah 2 May 2010

    thanks for following my blog! i love your pictures here, makes me want to visit France more! i’m following your blog now!

  17. Josi 2 May 2010

    Beautiful pictures !

  18. janettaylor 2 May 2010

    Amazing photos, U are a great photographer, my doll! 🙂

  19. Ena 2 May 2010

    Love your pictures! It looks like a really beautiful place. I wish I could go there one day…


  20. glayki 2 May 2010

    amazing photos darling!

  21. When I saw the fist pic of your post , I recognize the little gem of Lourmarin. I love to go there , this is a beautiful spot of Provence.

  22. katie 2 May 2010

    such beautiful photos- leave me craving a break away lucky girl such a fabulous escape!! xx
    Thanks for such sweet comments… I can always dream!
    fashion clocked

  23. Chelsea Nicole 3 May 2010

    You have no idea how much I loved every picture in this post. Everything here is some place I would love for myself and a friend to go! Your pictures are gorgeous (as always.)



  24. starlight 3 May 2010

    really neat post! especially loved the albert camus tombstone

  25. marie antoinette 3 May 2010

    when are you going back to america? because you are american not french right?

  26. maryann 3 May 2010

    this post has so much depths in all facets. true, enjoy fully each moment and seize the beauty of your surroundings…gorgeous place! thanks for sharing your experience with the photos which are awesome! have a great week…verbena cottage

  27. Celine 3 May 2010

    This is so beautiful!!!

    I’m going to france in June 🙂


  28. MªAngeles S.T. 3 May 2010

    Nice photos and nice place, it seem to be very relaxing 😉

  29. LE BLOG DE MOK 3 May 2010

    I love your photos !!!! amazing !!

  30. emily 3 May 2010

    I feel like I’m there–these photos are so great! I’m visiting soon, and you’ve got me really excited!

  31. The Zhush 4 May 2010

    Once again, you photos take my breath away! So gorgeous! Good luck with your papers!

  32. Thelma 4 May 2010

    I would love to go there. I would probably not want to leave!

  33. Laura 4 May 2010

    Beautiful images. Love those cemetery shots – so poignant.

  34. Ola 4 May 2010

    Great place, I would love to visit it someday!

  35. agnes 4 May 2010

    oh, so lovely! would like to visit the french countyside for sure someday and brush up upon my francaise, hehe!

    tres jolie!

    hej, check out my first ever Giveaway if you like..


    bon chance!

  36. PinkBow 4 May 2010

    beautiful. another place i would love to visit. (i love the new button too)

  37. Thea 4 May 2010

    I like your blog! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!

  38. French Kissed 5 May 2010

    When can I go!!!!!!!?????? This looks like heaven to me.


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