10 May 2010


By Haleigh In Non classé

My days in Provence go something like this…

Lounging by the pool…

…beneath blue skies.

Plenty of delicious things to eat.

Cooling off in the pool.

Enjoying the view.

Often the cooler nights are spent down the road in Aix-en-Provence…

…strolling around…

…tiny quiet streets…

…looking in windows after hours.

Provence, je t’aime.

The End, now back to blogging about Paris!


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  2. Clare 10 May 2010

    Sounds and looks like the perfect way to spend your time. Wish I was there right now!

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. Wangari M. 10 May 2010

    I have really enjoyed these posts. I’m in love with the way you spend your time while in Provence it’s such a beautiful and magical place.

  4. janettaylor 10 May 2010

    Beautiful pic, my dear! I have enjoyed so much this post. 🙂

    P.S. – ♥Please don’t forget to join the leather keychains GIVEAWAY!♥ Good luck! ♥

  5. katie 10 May 2010

    wow soooo beautiful- the first image is adorable and all the others just make me want to visit!!

    fashion clocked
    Would really love it if you called by. Katie.xx

  6. Jill 10 May 2010

    Mmmmmmm, heavenly!!!

  7. The Zhush 10 May 2010

    mmmm, want to jump in that pool! Images look like Hockney come to life! Stop by for a fun giveaway open to all!

  8. allegra 10 May 2010

    wonderful!! did I already say, that I wanna be there too??? well, I waaaant!!

  9. Samantha 10 May 2010

    Lovely photographs 🙂
    You make me want to buy a straw boater hat every time i read your blog!!

  10. Good girl gone blog 10 May 2010

    Swoon! I want to go there!

  11. Ola 10 May 2010

    The firts picture reminds me about such a movie, I guess the title was “Pool”

  12. Loved catching up with you and all of your fun experiences in Provence. It’s too beautiful for words! Have a stylish week in Blue.

  13. LH 10 May 2010

    ah,iwantto be you so badly !

  14. Tanvi 10 May 2010

    WOW! Looks like a wonderful time out … vacation! 🙂

  15. Angie Chamorro 10 May 2010

    Oh, though life 🙂

  16. Camila F. 10 May 2010

    Oh, this pics are so amazing! I wish I were in Provence right now!

  17. Sarah 10 May 2010

    It looks just dreamy. It sounds like such a perfect trip. I love your cute straw boater hat!

  18. Vicki Archer 10 May 2010

    Provence, je t’aime aussi….xv

  19. phoebe 10 May 2010

    Could you please check bardotblue@gmail.com please? I’ve sended you a mail. (;

  20. chasing heartbeats 10 May 2010

    ok. It’s official, I need to book a train south. asap. 🙂
    xox ashley

  21. S.Elisabeth 10 May 2010

    These were such lovely posts! I wish I could go to Provence right this minute, it seems absolutely beautiful

  22. French Kissed 10 May 2010

    Your look so beautiful and peaceful in Provence…it becomes you. I think Paris and Provence might be THE most heavenly combination.

  23. maryann 10 May 2010

    very inviting! thanks for sharing those pics…if i cant be there in person, i can settle to dream! have a great week! verbena cottage

  24. Greet 10 May 2010

    Oh I would love to be in the Provence right now!! Such a great post! You brought me in a French feeling!!

  25. Sabine 10 May 2010

    Strange, my days in Provence are exactly like this, too (with a few markets thrown in). J’aime la Provence aussi!

  26. Jade 10 May 2010

    omg those pastries look so delicious

  27. PinkBow 10 May 2010

    oh those pastries look so good! i have such a sweet tooth! you are so lucky to have found a bf who is from such a magical place 🙂

  28. glayki 10 May 2010

    really darling…amazing photos!

  29. When you come by Aix, let me know , we can have a drink….

  30. Josi 11 May 2010

    These are just soo dreamy & magical !

  31. Kristin 11 May 2010

    That sounds like heaven! LOVE the hat!

  32. Becca 11 May 2010

    These images are breathtaking! SO lovely!

  33. Dusk 11 May 2010

    These photos… you are a visual poet… each one is just so rich with emotion.

  34. Carolyn Green 11 May 2010

    Looks like the perfect getaway, Bardot.
    Many thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

    I hope that your week is wonderful.

  35. Carla 11 May 2010

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Magnifique! Loved every picture….you present the feeling so beautifully. By the way, I loved the interview of you and your Mom!

  36. kelly ann 11 May 2010

    these are so dreamy and perfect and beautiful… like a fairytale!

  37. Carol 11 May 2010

    Blissful indeed!

    Thank you for sharing your time there through your beautiful pictures!

  38. Jodyy 11 May 2010

    Wow, amazing, your pictures really are amazing!
    Loving the boater hat

  39. Millie 11 May 2010

    Ohh the little bow on your hat is so cute ! Mine have tons of flowers… And ohhh this blue sky and this pool. If you’re in Paris right now, you’ll understand why I’m almost weeping : why is it raining cats and dogs in may ? I want the sun back !

  40. Daphne 11 May 2010

    Oh! Thank you so much for the link! I just noticed it. That’s really nice of you.;-D

  41. Thelma 11 May 2010

    wow you’re so lucky! I hope to make it there someday!

  42. bravegrrl 11 May 2010

    amazing! i want to be there… i am in desperate need of a trip….


  43. ediot 12 May 2010

    ah. this is unfair. i wanna go there too.
    really nice photos!!
    thanks for stopping by me and leaving me such kind words. wish you a wonderful week.
    take care
    xxx ediot

  44. Dalena Vintage 12 May 2010

    Too me. Right now. That looks just about like heaven.

  45. Dusk 13 May 2010

    Hello again lovely… not sure if you are in to the whole awards ‘thing’ but… I’ve awarded you an Award @ theDUSKzone

  46. Dusk 13 May 2010

    Just noticed the ‘Blog Awards’ page!!

  47. Style Syrup 14 May 2010

    Thank you again for stopping by at my blog. Your comments are always so sweet.

    This post makes me so envious it all so decadent and dreamlike. Everything is like a Sophia Coppola film 🙂

  48. à la parisienne 14 May 2010

    Your images of Provence are beautiful! And that tray of desserts!

  49. Kimberly 23 May 2010

    I keep thinking I will leave a comment on a post and then I see the next one – and have to read that. But alas, I was in Provence (and Paris and Toulouse) a month ago and am longing to return. I LOVE your blog – it is fabulous and fun and gives me the french I need to survive until my next visit.
    Have a fabulous Sunday gorgeous girl,


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