14 March 2010

Cannes Close Up

By Haleigh In Non classé

While Cannes rests along the famous picturesque shore of the Mediterranean where clear blue sky and placid blue sea meet on the horizon of the city’s view, in town the smaller details give it its charming character. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than attempting to describe what it is I like about this place other than its desirable geographical location, I’d rather do what I do best and share it with you in pictures.

The influence of the film festival is everywhere and many places such as this one take the name *star* in tribute to all the Hollywood hall of famers that pass through town annually.

Cute flashing sign for a candy store.

The Splendid Hotel.

One of the many snack shops along the croisette.

The cute Caffé Roma in front of the Palais de Festivals.

Boulevard de la Croisette runs along the beach and is lined with Cannes’ finest hotels, boutiques, and cafes.

My paparazzi shot!

MIU MIU….je t’aime.

Marilyn’s face is all over the city in emblems and pictures as she is one of the most beloved past patrons of the Cannes Film Festival.

Some fine caviar and vodka anyone?

A cute little produce market we came across.

Sea urchins for sale to eat…

I had the best oysters of my life in a local seafood restaurant here. You can buy them fresh on the street from many vendors.

Whole shrimps…eyeballs and all!

The different restaurants and cafes along the water are all marked and claimed with the irrespective flags. In America, private beaches don’t exist…only private beach access, so in France getting used to most being privately owned is still a bit foreign to me.

One thing I really love about France is all the public lounge chairs they provide. In Paris you see these style chairs in the Tuileries and Luxembourg gardens, ideal for lounging and people watching on a sunny day. Cannes public chairs are blue and line the croisette, waiting for strollers to take a rest and enjoy the view of the sea.



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  2. A Gift Wrapped Life 14 March 2010

    You are taking the best photos……..I was there in November and I totally missed this building with Marily Monroe on it. Though do remember Escada very well. Looks like a great Mom-daughter trip and hope you are having too good of a time together. XO

  3. Mandy Baker 14 March 2010

    Wish Cannes was on our list of places to visit while in France last summer……..it is so beauteous! I’m loving your blog!
    Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  4. Sophiemei 14 March 2010

    really!? i totally envy u live in paris, dear!! that’s such beautiful city, i really enjoy reading what u post!! maybe someday u can take shoot on the cafe!! and love ur miu miu bag, right!?

  5. eli 14 March 2010

    Looks so lovely! Your photos are wonderful

  6. Britta 14 March 2010

    Looks like you finally got the sunshine you were wishing for! XOXO

  7. Vicki Archer 14 March 2010

    Fantastic photos….I must visit, xv

  8. Aimee Etters 14 March 2010

    I hope you didn’t get enough oysters, you have to show me that spot in Paris!!! I have arrived… my credit cards look nervous : )… i’ll call you later!!

  9. Becky 14 March 2010

    Amazing photos, I want to go back there very soon!

  10. PinkBow 14 March 2010

    i love the marilyn tributes, it looks like a fantastic place & looks very sunny too.

  11. Marsi 14 March 2010

    Looks like a fabulous visit ….

  12. Trish 14 March 2010

    It is so hard to go out and pull weeds when I can be touring France with you. Such stunning photos! Merci Bardot! Trish

  13. the zhush 15 March 2010

    You take the best photos! Almost as good as being there! I have always loved Marilyn, clearly this city does as well, so I am sure I would love it there! The candy sign and your Paps shot are the best! Enjoy all the sights and a pan a la chocolate for me (my fave!)

  14. Linda 15 March 2010

    OMG I just found your blog and I love it!!
    I am from Canada too and I am absolutely dying to go to Paris! Hopefully for a homestay in June!

  15. janettaylor 15 March 2010

    Your hair…just wonderful!

  16. Leah 15 March 2010

    I really enjoyed looking at these photos… it’s like I’m there in Cannes with you. Great job! xoxo

  17. Celine 15 March 2010

    Thanks for comment and thanks to be my first follower 🙂

    Nice blog! I love that Marylin wall picture 🙂

  18. Jean-Pierre MATTEI 15 March 2010


    Do you believe , as i do , that in life , EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is a mirror of what we are ?

    So…..If you find i ‘m a fashion star……….YOU ARE A ( beauuuuuuutiful ) FASHION STAR TOO!!!!!!!!!…………….^^

    Thank you sooo much !


    And all you pics are so GORGEOUSSSSS !!!!!! Did you take them ??? If yes ….BRAVO !!!!!!!

    Et est ce que comme moi , tu habites sur la côte d’azur ???!!

    Je réside juste à côté des Galeries Lafayette de Nice !
    Je montre même , sur mon blog où je vis exactement , dans un post vraiment tout récent .

    Once again yours is MAGNI…FI….CENT !

    Have a great evening,

    Kiss-kiss !
    Jean-Pierre MATTEI

  19. avalonne 15 March 2010

    Firstly, thanks for checking out my blog and following, I really appreciate it! Cool, you found my blog via Teen Vogue? Was it the Best Dressed Reader of the Day? I love your blog! The photos are great, so pretty! I need to got to Cannes. I’m a film student, so I really want to go to the Cannes Film Festival! Lucky you 🙂

  20. silje 15 March 2010

    Wow! Love your pictures, so crisp and wonderful colors!

  21. Lucy 15 March 2010

    fabolous photoes!!!!!

  22. Cindy A. 16 March 2010

    I am so envious of you right now! The sights… the shopping… it’s a dream come true!

  23. Chloé 17 March 2010

    Tu es tellement photogénique ! 🙂
    Que fais-tu dans la vie ? On dirait que tu es mannequin ?!

  24. Judith 17 March 2010

    I LOVE this post! These images are exraordinary and goreous! Evertime I visit your site, it’s breathtaking~

  25. Kaitlin Robinson 24 March 2010

    What kind of camera where you playing with to take these beautiful shots? I love love love your blog!!!


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