1 March 2010

Between the Seasons

By Haleigh In Non classé

I find myself feeling a bit in limbo this time of year. Holiday spirit is long gone but the winter chill still holding on. While warmer weather seems to be on the horizon, weekly forecasts leave me wondering if there will be a couple last snow days.

One of the many reasons I love Paris. Even when buried in snow in the grey of winter, the colors manage to come out…

When snow falls, the city becomes the most beautiful ghost town in the world.

But after months of cold, my coats begin to dirty, my boots begin to wear, and hot chocolate no longer tastes as good. I long for the hot days of summer out of the city…

…the sweeping views and the open skies of the Luberon…

…barefoot afternoons in the gardens of Provence…

…happy hour in quaint squares in Aix…

…beach days in Deauville hiding from the hot sun in the shadow of candy colored cabanas…

…and warm summer nights that feel a bit more magical than their colder counterparts.

My upcoming week long spring break left me eager to begin enjoying the warmer seasons. I decided to go without a ski-trip to the Alps and instead I’ll be heading to the south of France with French-Kissed. Don’t worry, my camera will be coming along for the journey. You didn’t think I would leave you behind did you?



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  2. BENNY 1 March 2010

    Your life is just VISUALLY ASTOUNDING. You live a fairy tale and it’s beautiful

  3. The Zhush 1 March 2010

    These photos are so beautiful! What fun to travel with French Kissed! Look forward to hearing about and seeing all of your amazing finds. At least I can live vicariously through you both!

  4. Lee 1 March 2010

    I just left French Kissed and now speaking of color…I have turn a lovely shade of green.
    Have fun!

  5. A Gift Wrapped Life 1 March 2010

    A beautiful post…….and lovely any time of year.

  6. Erin 1 March 2010

    Have a great time with your mom on vacation! Give her a big hug for me!


  7. Becky 1 March 2010

    Beautiful photos, I’ve just discovered your blog and I love it!

  8. katrina 2 March 2010

    your photos are gorgeous. do you, by chance, have a Flickr account?

  9. Cashon & Co 2 March 2010

    Those colours are amazing. so moody! I love the yellow car covered in snow. What a fun post to look at today.

  10. Josi 2 March 2010

    These pictures are beautiful & of course I don’t mind being on your roll, thanks a lot (:

  11. Ola 2 March 2010

    Wonderful pictures showing the beauty of the city, I am impressed

  12. Trish 2 March 2010

    Bonjour Bardot! Ah…your first award. One of many I’m sure! Loving your photos…eyeing your camera. Looks like you’re learning all its tricks. Great night shots, candy colors. Looking forward to seeing southern France through your eyes! Merci, Trish

  13. Splendid Market 2 March 2010

    The snow shots are wonderful — thank you for a stroll through Paris. Looking forward to visiting the south of France through Bardot in Blue. I love the button! Merci!

  14. Bonjour Romance 3 March 2010

    Great shots – it ‘s true, Paris is so beautiful under a blanket of snow. How exciting that you will be meeting French Kissed in the South, looking forward to all the marvelous photos you’ll be taking together. Oh and about that hot chocolat – I wish I were tired of it, can’t seem to get enough…
    Have a fabulous time

  15. Carolyn Green 3 March 2010

    Bonjour Bardot,

    What wonderful photos and Paris even looks amazing with a blanket of snow.
    Enjoy your time, in the South of France.


  16. laura trevey 3 March 2010

    These photos are striking!! Love your blog… just found it 🙂

  17. The Gossamer Tearoom 4 March 2010

    Thank you so much for posting such lovely pictures of Paris in the snow! But I do agree with you, I long for the warmth of summer!

    Wishing you and your Mommy lots of fun together!


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  19. Slim Paley 8 March 2010

    J’aime les photos!! The yellow car covered in snow, the unexpected red trees against the blue door, the beach cabanas- wonderful!
    Such a pretty and eclectic blog.

  20. Nel 11 March 2010

    Please tell that the church in the 4 photo


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