10 July 2010


By Haleigh In Non classé

I just got back from a lovely week in Barcelona. Barcelona feels just like a little hop skip and jump from Paris to sunny paradise. There were parties, new friends, beach days, pool days, and lots and lots of amazing tapas and other food!

La Boqueria, the large market off of Las Ramblas has the most amazing assortment of colorful foods.

My favorite are the fresh juices, someone really should open a place with these in Paris!

Plenty of candy…

And more juice!

It’s so hot there in the summer many street vendors sell these pretty fans to help you keep cool.

Las Ramblas has many flower vendors.

Pretty little dried bouquets.

Beautiful mosaics and stained glass windows all over.

Clear skies and leafy trees to hide in the shade.

The roof top pool at our hotel.

And this amazing white chocolate brownie at the opening of the amazing new restaurant Big Fish which you must try if you make it to Barcelona. There is a little glimpse of what my vacation looked like although I didn’t carry my camera around much in order to avoid being targeted by pickpockets. Best thing I came back with is a tan! What are your summer vacation plans?


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  2. alison 10 July 2010

    how beautiful! i hope to someday go to Barcelona…definitely a beautiful city to visit. your blog is always so inspiring!!
    xox alison

  3. Jennie B 10 July 2010

    I absolutely adore this post! Thank you for sharing, I always find the best inspiration for the fabulous from your site. *besos Jennie B

  4. Becky 10 July 2010

    Those pictures are so amazing, I love the colours. I’ve only been to Barcelona once but loved it.

  5. katie 10 July 2010

    Hey sweetie- I love Barcelona and trips to the Boqueria for fruit and smoothies, and mingling with the locals really early on in the morning! We usually stay far away from the ramblas and spend way too much time and pennies shopping! Look forward to more photos.xxxxx
    visit me soon!
    fashion clocked

  6. LH 10 July 2010

    omg, i just listened to the song few minutes ago :O and at the moment 🙂

  7. Kimmy 10 July 2010

    Barcelona looks perfectly lovely. The stained glass and those flowers..vivid and beautiful.
    I am so pleased you had a great time, thank you for sharing your photos, cheers!

  8. Chaucee 10 July 2010

    There is so much color in Barcelona! Beautiful.

  9. Joanny 11 July 2010

    Lucky gal, beautiful photo’s, enjoy life…


  10. Thelma 11 July 2010

    I want all of that candy!

  11. dustjacket attic 11 July 2010

    What a gorgeous riot of colour, sounds like a fab little vacation.

  12. Good girl gone blog 11 July 2010

    Oooh so many colors!

  13. tami 11 July 2010

    Very colorful wow!

  14. avalonne lou summers 11 July 2010

    Whoa, what I’d do to visit Barcelona in the summer! These photos are amazing! It’s been years since I last went to Spain… good times.

  15. Edel Terri Thomas 11 July 2010

    Oh my gosh! Colour Colour Colour so fantastic, what a stunning place and I am glad you had such a super time.
    Being an English woman I like to also think of myself as eternally European, and I simple love all the colours of Europe, and the brownie…well just yummy. Clever girl, capturing Barcelona Beauty.
    Thank you for walking through my garden, a place of peace, serenity and simplicity. Beautiful Nova Scotia, we are so blessed to experience these delightful worldly places.
    KEEP having FUN.

  16. Jodyy 11 July 2010

    This is so amazing!
    I love all your photos a lot, very inspiring <3

  17. *Valentine* 11 July 2010

    J’y étais il y a…3 semaines !!!!
    J’ai a-do-ré Barcelone. On a pris la même photo du magasin avec la mosaïque partout, trop jolie!

    Tu n’aurais pas pris le pack proposé par Voyage Privé, par hasard? Je crois que l’offre pour Barcelone était un hôtel avec piscine sur le toit….. 😉

    En tout cas tu as eu l’air de bien t’amuser.
    Je n’ai qu’une hâte : y retourner, et voir tout ce que je n’ai pas pu voir en 3 jours !!!

    Bisous ma chère

  18. koralee 11 July 2010

    Oh what a place!!! I must add this to my list of MUSTS! So bright and cheery…I could just feel the fun jumping off my screen. Thanks for sharing. oxxoxo

  19. PinkBow 11 July 2010

    i’m hoping to go to barcelona this year, it looks lovely

  20. bravegrrl 11 July 2010

    that peacock window is amazing


  21. Rebecca 11 July 2010

    I love barcelona so, so much! The food markets are amazing (:

  22. Going to the countryside ! But not right now unfortunately ! 🙁

  23. Laeti 11 July 2010

    Hum…Your photos are so pretty, I just want to go back to Barcelona ! I went in this toxn once, but no more far than the train station !! All yout photos, movies make me want to visit this beautiful town !!
    Thank you for your answer !! 🙂

  24. Lena 12 July 2010

    The colors in these photos are absolutely stunning! Barcelona is one of my all-time favorite cities, and I see you must have had a wonderful visit, too!

    Plus, I’m drooling over that giant flat of gummies…

  25. Gail Friend 12 July 2010

    Oh my,,, WOW, I love the colors. The flowers are stunning. The candy isnt bad either. lol I am so glad you had a great time! Have a pretty week. (()) gail

  26. carlotta 12 July 2010
  27. Joana 12 July 2010

    Hey lovely,
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I’m glad you like the drawings. :0)
    Love these pics of Barcelona, by the way. It’s a great town, isn’t it?
    Spain just won the World Cup last night. It must have been CRAZY over there!


  28. elaine 12 July 2010

    The Plastiscines are one of my favourite bands!
    Fancy that!

    The remix is wonderful, it reminds me of summer days spent in the salty ocean water, and the hot sand! This winter has been so dark and cold, I’m actually waiting for summer. (Which is a first, since I never usually like summer)


  29. EMILIE 12 July 2010

    Great photos lovely!
    Bracelona is such a great city, hope you had fun!

  30. Beth Ruby 12 July 2010

    Wow these photos are AMAZING! Such beautiful colours <3
    I went to Barcelona aages ago and went to the same place, with all the juice drinks 🙂
    I wish I could be there now celebreating the outcome of the world cup with some Spaniards 😉
    Haha hope you are having a fab Monday and thanks for the lovely comments on my blog xxx

  31. kirsty 12 July 2010

    glad you had a fabulous time. im hoping to go back to Ibiza in September! sooooo far away xxxx

  32. amazing. the candy and flowers are my favorites. and all the colors remind me of my stint in india. jealous of the tan!

  33. Fabulous Finds Studio 12 July 2010

    The candy looks so yummy and I adore those fans! Have a fabulous day! Julie

  34. γλαυξ 12 July 2010

    i love barcelona!

  35. Beadboard UpCountry 12 July 2010

    Hi BIB!
    Great pictures, you have me salivating……Too bad you weren’t there YESTERDAY!!!!!That would have been a PARTY!! The shot you got of the candies and the juices were marvelous…I guess yolur family has the ‘good photography” genes!!!!!!!!Maryanne;)xo

  36. Johanna 12 July 2010

    I loved your pictures. So colorful. Makes me wanna go! Love, love love!

  37. sarah 12 July 2010

    wow, your pictures are so beautiful and colourful- Barcelona looks so awesome!
    Have you entered my giveaway to win a See by Chloe purse yet?

  38. Dennice (fringe) 12 July 2010

    It looks like a little slice of heaven…in technocolor. Beautiful!


  39. GorgeousGlam 12 July 2010

    Hi doll, you took some beautifully colored photos! I love the dried flowers! hugs

  40. Ola 13 July 2010

    I was there once, great place to visit and impressive architecture. I love the pictures from the street market

  41. Kirby 13 July 2010

    I love the color in all these photos! I’ve been dying to get to spain. hopefully someday soon.

    xx Kirby

  42. Carolyn Green 14 July 2010

    Hi Bardot,

    What wonderful holiday photos you have shown us.
    The colours are amazing and such a feast for the eye, the food and flowers are gorgeous ~ thank you.

    Happy Bastille Day

  43. janettaylor 14 July 2010

    Great post!

  44. Tyson Ballesterous 11 August 2010

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  45. Rickie Sugrue 22 November 2010

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